Easy mode looks like hardcore

seriously is this game beatable i honestly find it absolutely unfair and poorly balanced,some missions looks compleatly ridicoulous i find myself against one shylla 10 enemies and all the mind cotroller that the shylla produce and the mission objective was to kill all the enemy are you guys serious
if im playing an easy mode i expect a easy challenge you need to do something about it or at least address the situation if you are serious game developers we buy your game and now is up to you to not make some of us regretting it
i really want to have fun with this game but currenlty it just not the case fix this difficulty mess please

Yeas Easy can go wild because of an auto scaling.

I don’t know yet how manipulate fully the auto acting, that is all parameters leading it. But there’s one huge, don’t rush do plenty combats and combats until you setup a team that can sustain a difficulty spike.

For that, favor exploring this should also make you discover sooner more bases, eventually skip all scavenging, don’t rush factions missions until you are ready to endure a spike. Focus one doing mainly Ambush and Haven defenses.

It’s not an ideal solution, it makes first part of the game a bit weird, and after break ballance with too few exploration/events left, but it should avoid get Easy becomes like hardcore. That said, I would say it still feels a bit like XCOM Veteran or almost, when the difficulty spikes come.

Started on veteran. I have played jagged alliance, XCOM, XCOM 2 and others. No problems. This game has common enemies running around taking 10 times or more as many hits as my squad members can while dishing out twice as much damage. Game is trash.

A little bug comes out and explodes like a nuclear bomb and sets everyone on fire …I mean EVERYTHING is over the top and out of hand. Every little thing. Enemies never missing and just teeing off on you after you commit and flank half your squad on one enemy, he just sits there and returns fire to everyone and still has 40% health. So you are a sitting duck the next round obviously.

There can be no tactics when the enemies all tank like mini bosses.

It looks a lot linked to an enemy armor problem. To each their own auto scaling problems, and eventually I never seen anything like the wall you face.

Firstly pp assault rifle becomes quickly totally pointless, at 30 armor it already does no damages.

First and simpler, go over armor:

  • Sniper Rifle, Cannon Hell, later Poison Crossbow.
  • AR-50/Shotguns but they won’t manage any armor above 30.
  • Close range weapons, why not? But hardly as a main weapon.
  • Pistols of NJ and Anu.
  • Mark for Death but it’s a level 7 skill, and later Sneak Attack but it’s also a level 7 skill and elite class.
  • Later consider some piercing weapons.
  • Poison is on duration but can apply significant damages even more because it can stack. I’m not sure if poison damages need be higher than armor, but it’s sure poison damages ignore the armor.
  • Fire is unclear for me yet, I haven’t get if it goes above armor or not on duration.

You need bother targeting parts with less armor:

  • Check all parts of enemies, and consider how hit those with weaker armor.
  • Move to flank to avoid shield or some part with high armor.

You need bother on armor reduction, some examples:

  • Shredding weapons, cannon, NJ Machine Gun, vehicles. Later a shotgun, the base turret.
  • Explosives, grenades, missiles, grenade launcher.
  • Barrels and everything that look vaguely like a tank or even vehicles I think, don’t think that rusty means empty, not in this game.
  • Berzerk skill Armor Break, destroy 50 armor that’s huge. Moreover with explosives as grenades it is applied on all armor parts, and with multi bullets weapons as shotgun and AR it is applied on each part hit by a bullet.
  • Weak Spot can remove all armor to a part, when a part is at zero you can still do damages through it.
  • Acid is long term armor reduction and even damages if no armor. But because of duration most players consider it pointless. But it’s also about winning time, see a further section.

Winning time:

  • The first goal isn’t to kill targets but to manage targets.
  • No need rush in any mission, even those with civil/building/container.
  • Destroy enemy weapon(s) can be highly effective and allow gain a lot of time.
  • Destroy leg/tail can slow down a lot an enemy, it requires distance or mobility to exploit it well. The simpler is sniper.
  • Panic (will reduction bellow zero) make enemy lost time.
  • Paralyze partially reduce enemy AP and is long to be removed.
  • Electricity is for stunning, it still gain a turn against a stunned target.
  • Warcry can be a very effective tool to slower some enemies around.
  • Overwatch, it can make plenty enemies a lot more caution so a lot slower.
  • Move to improve your positions and or weaker enemies positions, but also it’s win time.
  • Many more.