Played Easy so I'm an idiot?

My last attempt to the game was Easy difficulty.

It started very tedious with the first 3 special missions totally dumb and boring. At least it was quickly done, and at least Easy was for the incompetents and idiots, will be a boredom to play but could push a campaign a bit more far to see what"s next.

Undoubtly it’s easier at this difficulty, the corruption level stayed at 1% a long long time, in fact I think it goes down sometimes 1 to 2 to 1. There’s many other aspects as recruits better equipped and more.

Appearance of Cheron and Siren was at least 5 days later also.

Still I had to flee a lair, tried with a vehicle, but no path for it, seriously… Ok at least I identified where was the target and will come back with the knowledge.

Still at day 24, get a simple Scavenging mission, one soldier killed, another killed, ok enough.

So the dev of the game learned me (the hard way and without any diplomacy) that I’m an idiot.

Well I didn’t knew it so at least I learned something from the game. But my point of view is ok, this game is for smarter people than I am, but why they requested pledge from anybody?

That’s not respectful behavior with clients. It’s weird how nowadays all dev from indie to big industry except respect from players, but at reverse they show less and less respect to players, unhappy player is just troublemaker worthing ban. THIS COMMENT IS NOT RELATED TO THIS FORUM, so please avoid me excessive reactions. I understand the point of respect problem, except that there’s less and less respect to players from dev. I can’t say I noticed anything from this forum, but from the game design, there’s, in my opinion, a serious problem of respect to players with lowest difficulty design.

OK, I think I must be misunderstanding this, because it sounds like you’re saying that because you find Easy Mode boringly straightforward, but Legendary impossibly difficult, the devs are somehow disrespecting you.

Either that or because you got 2 soldiers killed, this was somehow a bad thing and you quit the game.

So what have I got wrong, because surely that’s how it’s supposed to be?

I know the logic is whine dev consider players as idiots by making a borinfly easy game, but that’s teen bragging, I’m no teen and don’t need games to prove anything.

Easy is ridiculously difficult, name it Easy is insulting, and well to have done that, my opinion is the idiot here isn’t me. But you know the opinion of an idiot…

Past this thread creation, I watched Odd let’s play at max difficulty and compare to Easy:

  • Legendary, no equipment lost on soldier death. Easy equipment lost on soldier death.
  • Legendary, recruit is a few food. Easy, recruit is very expensive (force buy equipment).
  • Legendary day 25 one Chiron. Easy Day 20 a Chiron and a Siren in same mission, then between Day 20 and 25, missions with multiple Sirens, Chiron and two Sirens, and so on.

What the crap? That’s ridiculous.

OK, I get what you’re saying now, and I agree (without impugning the integrity of the devs :wink:).

I’m on record in my feedback to the devs telling them that they need to ‘fix the damn difficulty levels’. Easy should be easy, and it isn’t at the moment. I think it’s linked to this dynamic difficulty algorithm they are running, and I’m trying to get to the bottom of it so that I can give them some more informed feedback.

I don’t know them at all, but I’m pretty certain that they’re not bad guys and they’re not treating you (or anyone else) like an idiot. They’re just a bunch of 50 overworked programmers who’ve had to push their baby out the door before it can stand on its feet, because they have an immovable deadline to meet - and it’s such a complicated little beast that it keeps on falling over.

Give them time, and keep (politely) feeding back your observations, and they’ll fix it in the end :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol for sure it wasn’t dev intent to tag players as idiots, common.

I’m just saying one player felt it, get faceroll by a difficulty named Easy, makes me feel like an idiot.

I think it’s possible there’s something wrong, the first point is at Easy and Normal when you recruit you must pay all the equipment. This is making easier elites recruit but a lot harder to replace a soldier death, this is real difficulty quite increased for supposed easier difficulties.

A second problem, perhaps a bug is each time I checked at Normal for a soldier death I had lost equipment, this is making harder to manage a soldier death.

Third point there’s something weird in difficulty scaling and it’s like it can go wild even at lower difficulties.

At legendary, one Chiron, perhaps day 20, and still nothing else at day 25. At Easy, a Chiron and a Siren in same mission at day 20 and then it never stopped with regular groups of Sirens or mix of Sirens and Chirons. What? It’s like reversed difficulty.

It’s possible that time has no influence on difficulty scaling, only the number of missions done. One problem is even at easy, it’s very hard to be performant. For example it’s easy screw up scavenger mission and lost plenty resources, and then this probable scaling system is very rude even at Easy. Moreover this possible/probable system looks totally independent to difficulty level hence can go wild.

Curently I feel recruiting to replace dead is unacceptable at Normal and Easy, the equipement buy should not be forced, moreover there’s no point to lost equipement of soldier death, keep that for Legendary or something. But there’s something else fishy here.

Automatic difficulty leveling.
The cancer of most videogames.