Difficulty scaling dialback

I mostly enjoy playing the game, i was wondering why the game got so difficult so fast as it does, before long you have to deal with 4 sirens at once, and that is simply no fun.
I read somewhere that there is an automatic difficulty scaling, is there any way to turn this off? or dial it back. The game getting so difficult in such a short time simply takes the fun out of the game for me.


I think this auto difficulty scaling is a lot scaled on number of missions done, not time at all, probably not soldiers average level either.

It’s possible that totally remove it would break the game, I think it isn’t enough adapted to difficulty level.

I agree an option to remove it if it doesn’t break everything, otherwise tune it much better for each difficulty level.

If my hypothesis is right:

  • Firstly pick Easy, it gives a bit more time, and don’t expect it easy, sigh.
  • Secondly minimize missions, it means focus on one team, build training center, ignore build a second Aircraft too soon, collect non combat sites event, skip all scavenging missions, delay story missions.
  • Goal is build a team of level 7 soldiers before the serious spikes come, I won’t expend on how build it, but clearly you need exploit some OP holes, just some among those available.

Then you’ll be ready for the rude difficulty spikes before it happens, hypothesis, no certitude here.

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