How to finish any mission in 1 turn (should be fixed)

Hi everyone.

(Apologize if this combo is general knowledge)

I love the game and wish it all the best patches and DLC in the future. There are many very good things in the game and just a few tedious and bad (game mechanics) in my humble opinion. I’m sure you guys will make it even better in no time.

So, about the topic. Unfortunately, it is true. I warn you, if you try it, the game will never be the same for you again. As much as I like it to steamroll missions with any number of enemies on it (in fact the more enemies the easier it becomes) including lairs, it is unbalanced and should be dealt with.

I just wanted to say that the devs did a great job on the classes. All of them feel unique and very fun to play with. No class becomes outdated later in the game and almost all of the skills are useful. The devs did the skills with the best mindset possible - lets do it super fun to use and they nailed it.

But there are a few skills when combined, make it just ridiculous. You have been warned, there is no turning back. It is hard to stop once you taste imba.

Well, it is kind of simple really - you need assault+berserk class, preferably with reckless or shotgun bonus (or it might be ok even w/o it). With shotgun (Anu has it), some armor with speed would be helpful. You need a motion detection head module from Synergion to spot enemies inside buildings. Also, get a priest with frenzy in ur squad and run your assault+berserk class with as low HP as possible (shoot yourself).

When all is ready and you are on the mission, just pop frenzy from priest, + assault ult + berserk ult (in this order) + you need to have berserk skill that adds dmg and movement when low hp + I highly advise you to have assault free weapon reload skill. That is it. Just run around one shotting evertyhing exept for biggest monsters (1 shot with sniper’s death mark). Regenerate AP. With carefull planning on how to move you can finish on the 1st turn. Lair spawners can be 1 shot as well.


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