Trouble defeating lair without heavy losses

Hi Folks,

Having so much fun! I even stole a cool aircraft from New Jericho. That said, I am really struggling with my first lair mission. It shouldn’t be as tough as it is. It has two sirens and one of the fire launching crabs. I do fine in getting rid of the crap and first siren, but 2nd siren always takes over two of my soldiers, resulting in the loss of 2 soldiers. That seems like a lot, but I still haven’t completed the mission because I can’t find the spawnery. Makes me feel I am terrible at this game. Any ideas?

The prob with the first P nest mission is that aliens can cheat by firing grenades OVER the tunnel walls whereas we could not! As long as they can do that, we will take big losses cos our guys are going to be close together due to the tunnel!

The quickest way to getting these done quickly is to get your heavy class guys via a combination of dashing (if you multi-classed them with assault) and jet packs to get to the corner where the Nester creature is.

Catch with that, is that you need to have invested will points to be able to do those abilities enough times, to get there super quick. Otherwise you’ll get mind controlled enroute.

Heavy + Assault kinda feels mandatory to me. Heavy without assault feels unusable. A heavy that can dash and retaliate fire using the canon is just badass haha

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Another tip is that some of the level scenery is destructable, which when destroyed can create shortcuts. You’ll know if it’s destructable if it goes grey when you run your mouse over it. All depends on what the paths are, to where you need to go.

On every lair mission I’ve done, the spawner has been in the top right-ish corner. So working out the quickest way is best.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for all this advice. Now that I “know” roughly where the spawnery is, it’s possible to bypass some of the baddies (multiple sirens lurking out of site, AI is bad in general, but their ambush is good!). Finally getting some heavy assaults, just not top level yet. Accuracy is still a big issue with canon so need to have even more will points to get closer :). I am getting there.