Lair blocking progress

Ok, so I’m playing with all DLC.

I am into a campaign and I’ve started to get the hang of things (steal planes) and I come to a lair, my first, the same moderately challenging enemies as before with Sirens and the worm splitters constantly pilling in, in order to put me in a hurry.

The problem is, when I get to the hatchery I don’t appear to able to do more than scratch the thing with the weapons I have available.

So far my assaults, 3, have a lazer or guass rifle my sniper still has her (a bug means that all of my recruits are women even big steroid pumping beardy guys) original rifle as do my 2 heavies.

After flying in the 2 heavies right next to the thing the hell 2 cannon does such a tiny amount of damage the game becomes a game of dying to eventual attrition.

My question:

Have I not researched good enough weapons to tackle the thing? Or am I missing something?

Thanks. Stay safe.

Get in close and shoot at the egg sacks on the side of the spawnery. Taking then out will cause enough damage and bleeding for it to die in a couple of turns.

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By couple of turns you mean 5 or more! I have all the heavy hitting weapons and tech and it still takes WAY to long to kill it, it is just boring now! I get they want it harder but this part is just stupid! Even at half the damage it would be to long…

In the past if you got a heavy and/or a shotgunner near the spawnery and shot it point blank it would die in a couple of turns. Now, after Lair missions were redesigned, if you simply shoot it in the face spawnery has too many armor and life for your weapons do any significative damage. You have to shoot it’s weak points (the egg sacks) first. Each sack destroyed causes bleeding damage each turn. this bleeding damage stacks for each sack destryed. It takes something like 2 or 3 turns to kill a spawney this way with 2 soldiers shooting the sacks each turn.

2 assaults can take out 4 egg sacks per turn. With all sacks destroyed it will bleed out in 2 turns. Once the sacks are destroyed head off to evac. No need to hang around to finish it off. Just remember not to evac all units before it dies.


Thanks for the help.

Will try this! Thanks…