Where to download the game?

i bought this game long time ago and play many hours. Then i uinstall it. Now i want to play againb but i dont know were to download it from?

Out will be in the store you bought it. Steam/Epic/GOG/ect.

i think i bought it from https://phoenixpoint.info/ and i cant find it there

if that was really long time ago then you could get game copy from xsolla. They no longer work with Snapshot Games. You should get emails:

  1. with beta key for EPIC last backers builds (they probably don’t work anymore)
  2. with EPIC key for full game somewhere in between (probably near December 2019) and then
  3. probably survey about key for Steam/GOG (near December 2020).

If you can’t find them then wait for a community manager responce to ask about your e-mail with PP account.

Thanks for answer. I cant find them, so i must then wait for community manager? will they answer in this thread?

Try sending a private message to @Valygar.

When did you purchase Phoenix Point? Where did you play Phoenix Point? Probably on Epic Games? Was it a backer build or the full version?

If it was full version then it is still on your Epic Games account. You need to login to the same account where you played it and the game will still be in your library and you can download it and play it from there.

If it was just a backer build then you need to redeem the key for the full version. This key was send to your backer email. If you cannot find the key then please write from your backer email to contact@snapshotgames.com.

If you do not know what is your backer email then you can write from any email address but please add your receipt (or screenshot of it). FYI: I tried searching for the email address that you registered with on this forum in our backer database but nothing found.