How to change soldier facing on the battlefield?

Checked the key map via F1 but could not find a way to change facing clockwise of counter clockwise. My troops are getting backstabbed because I can not face them towards the enemy for overwatch shots. Any suggestions?

there is no way to change facings at this time. I also don’t believe that facing in any direction has an effect either


Correct. Soldiers currently have 360 degree vision and overwatch activation. There is no facing.


Thank you for the replies. Looks like my OCD will continue to be triggered until this feature is added.


Currently facing is set like ‘towards closest enemy’ if he is in the line of sight. I hope that we will be able to change it just like crabs can set which way they deploy shield - but without using a shield.


Agreed, and that is what got me thinking about this issue. The enemy AI does actually face towards the enemy, and gain a defense benefit from it. I guess we find out in the next backer build. Maybe.

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