Overwatch not reacting on alien

my two soldiers got overwatch on the selected area. crabman enter the zone and none actions were taken.

regarding the entire OW mechanism. I understand that the ‘cone’ is a great shape to reflect the field of view, but it shouldn’t start ON the soldier, but rather a few tiles back.
Right now, in the base defence mission, I can select an OW and crabman can spawn a tile next to me. My soldier won’t react, because I am looking just straight ahead.

It is possible that line of sight is blocked by cover or the difference in terrain levels. In future builds we will be adding a line of sight indicator to overwatch.

Well human usually don’t see anything that is on his side, especially when aim with a gun. :slight_smile: But well if you want to cover at least part of ‘sides’ then widen the cone to create 170 degree cone.

you are correct, BUT,

  1. in a overwatch you are not doing an ADS shot, that’s rather a watch/guard stance.
  2. take a look on a screenshot. I have two tiles discance between soldiers, and STILL I can see only one of them. I know that there is no tile to meter converstion, but if we agree that a tile is a 1x1m. just ask your friend to stand 1,5 in front. and then second friend to stand beside him. can you see them?:>
    I don’t want to have a fish-eye FOV, but still I think that anchoring the cone a tile or two behind the soldier would be a better option.

From what I know those tiles represent 1 m of length and width, and 2 meters in height. But UV would need to correct me.

In real life humans have have like 150 degrees field of view. Default game option for overwatch looks more like 60 degree cone, but you can widen this cone to have both soldiers in FOV. Use ctrl+mose wheel combination.


aaaanddd I have to admit that I am a lousy lazy bum who did not read the manual before complaining, for a second time during a single day.
thank you!

I’m not sure if it is in guide. :smiley: No problem mate. :wink:

Indeed it is. On page 3. I was just so sure that I know everything that I didn’t bother to read a chapter covering new abilities.