"High Cover" LOS during overwatch

Overwatch doesn’t seem to work properly with high cover. When taking an action to fire, soldiers will lean out from behind high cover to shoot. However, when set to Overwatch from behind high cover the Overwatch sight circle implies that your solider can’t see anything from behind their high cover, and is essentially unable to lean out during overwatch.

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Yep, i suppose it’s intended as technicaly the soldier should not see through the wall, and if he let his head in the corner, it will probably be shot consideing how ennemy like to headshot soldiers xD
Still anoying and i ended up using overwatch in a 45° angle of my cover and try to “cross” two soldier’s overwatch to compensate.

Even thematically though, a soldier behind high cover who can lean out to shoot should be able to poke his head out occasionally or have a tiny sliver looking around the edge for overwatch. Just means that overwatch either has to be snipers from far away, or from behind half cover.