How to capture *spoiler*

a ship ?
I read about it and didnt know that existed.
But how do you unlock it. I read you have to go to a haven where you see a ship docking in geoscape.
But I did that on two ocasions and I didnt see any option for doing it.
Is it a thing you need to research or what?

There is an option to “steal a ship” when you visit the haven. It’s not always available, but fly around different Havens and you will see it.


The faction aircraft you see flying around the Geoscape? When they stop at a Haven you can visit that Haven and steal that actual ship out from under them. That’s why the mission is available.

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I tried that on two havens but the mission wasnt showing even though in Geospace I saw an Aircraft or even two staying there.

So I assume it’s random and not on every haven where u see an aircraft docking available.
My question is, would you be able to see that mission before you fly there or DO YOU HAVE TO fly there first to update it???
can someone double check for me pls…
Thanks in advance.

I saw Anu’s ship docked in the haven, I checked and mission was available (screenshot above). I flew their and start the mission. and done

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