All Havens Revealed But

I finally, for the first time, got all havens revealed by about Jan. 15. But then I realized, I still need to visit each one because some of them have interactions that can bump diplomacy up a couple points. Now if there was just a way to know which ones I’d been to! :slight_smile:


Or at the least some indicator that a mission was available at a glance. Having to hover over each individual haven is a chore.

I don’t mind. I just, in all this time of playing, never realized that I was missing out on a few little events/lore like that. Who put all the depth and detail in this game??!! :wink:

Excessive hand guiding, Blathergut suggestion looks better.

I guess some kind of visual indication that you never landed on a haven would be good.

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About weird locations, a bit out of topic but I have a few locations that are like with a mission, but there’s nothing here, any idea why?

I don’t see how you consider it excessive when it’s already part of the game. If you hover over the haven icon it’ll tell you if there’s a mission available at the haven and when you accept a mission a marker is placed on the target location of the mission. There are already markers for available troops and resources. Adding one for available missions as well is a lot simpler and cleaner than a marker on literally every visited or unvisited haven.

Markers for missions would be good, but author of topic has different issue.

He want to trigger all the events which can happen, and you can’t have markers for events, as they are randomly selected when you land in a haven (or other place). So marker for visited/not visited places should also be there. Well at least for havens as they are uncovered by factions with good standing, all other places need exploration so you know if you were there.

I don’t think that’s true actually. The events, the multiple choice ones such as the cookoff, are listed just like any other mission when you hover over the haven marker. We just never notice it because we generally don’t hover we click. I believe they’re randomly selected not when we land there but on haven creation.

Have you an example? I hovered over all havens and there was no indication or anything to point there is any kind of event available.

I didn’t take a screenshot if that’s what you mean but I happened to hover over a haven and saw it had an available mission listed on the popup. Chicken something or other was the name. When I flew there to accept thinking it was a normal mission it turned out to be a multiple choice event. It’s just pure chance I noticed at all since there’s no other indication that there was an event or mission at that haven.

Mmm so it’s already known, well ok that’s different, I thought the event was triggered only by visiting the Haven, not that it was shown in a menu. If they want show them then yes perhaps a marker showing them really makes more sense.

After more thought Im’ pretty certain that I had multiple cases with an event in an Haven and nothing in the menu.

It’s impossible to not notice the mission option in the menu and if I visit a Haven it’s to buy something, or Haven defense. But then you use the menu and if the mission was shown I would have notice.

It is show in the menu only if you cancel it, not before you have discover it by visit or exploration for undiscovered locations.

So back to +1 to show non explored haven, not to show haven with missions. But if the dev want make it more hand guiding to avoid some obsessional player visiting all haven to be sure, he that’s another point of view.

It’s not in the menu you get when you click a haven though, it’s it the popup you get when you hover over the haven icon. That’s why you don’t notice it.

Ya this needs either an indicator like resources/recruits, or a different coloration/border/ring color/etc.

Loaded an old save and yes I hadn’t noticed in the tooltips. :slight_smile:

I checked this tonight finally. Yes, when you just hover the cursor over the havens, it shows if it has a ‘mission’ available. Never noticed that before.

But you realize that missions are not events which can change diplomacy? Well to be more clear, events sometimes can provide a mission, but it doesn’t mean anything in this case. Of course missions on their own can also change diplomacy, but most missions are generated just by your actions and by aliens (or faction) actions and it has nothing to do with site events.

As far as the thread topic is concerned the game tracks them both the same way in the haven tooltip. Event and Mission as such are interchangeable terms for the purposes of the conversation. If you’re not in the habit of hovering before clicking however you’ll rarely if ever notice it.

I don’t care what you call them. The cursor hover will say ‘mission available.’ It’s just a blurb and a choice of answers. So far for me they do affect diplomacy, maybe of just one faction, but they do. I just never noticed before, when I’d revealed a faction’s havens, that you could see that and zip there. Managed to bump NJ up to 50+ w one last night.