How to boost some individual soldiers faster

Not to spoil the nice campaign story, just an observation. Since EXP points are divided by team involved, nice system to boost an individual is to get him a vehicle and explore as a pair. As long as in vehicle he can survive ambush mission, he can progress nicely as all EXP goes to him solely. That, and ancient missions, that give 60SP as bonus, are two “team boosters”. Third boost cheat worked when raiding wasnt so punishing or if we can sacrifice relations with Annu. Having fast running two soldiers, and if possible some Annu fast running armor researched before (recruiting two of their assault for legs and body armor on lower difficulties) enables them to reach STEAL RESEARCH points in max two turns - boosting them quite and giving some Annu tech. Up to 5-6 theft in a role is game pause, but boosts both soldier EXP, SP and tech progress, but surely ruins 6x15 relations.


Thank you so much for the tip!
I’ll try it when I play PP again this evening!:blush:

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