Exploring map with single infiltrator while team trains

Not sure if this is a useful tip, but I just wanted to share a little idea that I discovered for myself last night. I hired a new infiltrator and sent him around to explore the map, and got ambushed - which would require new undies if it was any other class. But I thought, hey - let’s just hide for 3 turns and try to make it to the extraction point. Well, after doing so, suddenly my level 1 became a level 4 because he didn’t have to share the XP with anyone else!

(confession: I did have to reload once after I figured out where the extraction would be, but it was my first try at these tactics)

I have found this class to be hard to level up otherwise as my other soldiers kill more aggressively. I also always sent a team around for exploration in case of an ambush, which took away training time from them. So from now on, I am going to use single infiltrators on ships to do exploration while the rest of my dudes train and heal.

I did notice in the latest patch that there will be less ambushes. I find that strange because I didn’t get ambushed very much in the game, maybe 3-4 times up to having 6 bases discovered.

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