Game of Running out of Resources?

Installed the game last week; tried several games. I realize it’s early access, but it seems to me that what we have so far goes like this:
Check out nearby “?” site. Find either a settlement (friendly or unfriendly) OR a combat/scavenge site.
Return to original base to refuel.
Check out a different “?” site. Find either a settlement (friendly or unfriendly) OR a combat/scavenge site.
Repeat until you have to travel so far you run out of fuel and resources and are stuck.

Or is there more to the current build that I still haven’t found?

the aliens can attack those havens, and then if you beat them you can go kill the alien spawner in their base, or if the aliens are able to, they can merge 3 bases into one to make an upgraded base that spawns a queen for you to fight.

It the queen escapes from you, she’ll flee back to her nest where you can go and kill her

oh and you can find more PX bases around the map too

Just wait some time for resources to gather, or help defend allied havens to gain resource reward, and build Refueling stations to travel further. Explore the globe.

But you are right. There is not much to do in current pre-alpha build. This should change in next builds where will be more content.

Ohhhh! I was wondering when people were talking about fighting queens. I didn’t face them in BB 3, only the prior build. I generally didn’t suffer bases to live, though I thought I was doing it just for fun and didn’t realize there was a secondary benefit (of not letting the queens spawn).

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Also, while waiting for resources to build, be careful with expanding, it is totally possible to box yourself out of an area for a long time if you wind up hitting the wrong refuel station to build.

Even though havens have seperate leaders, helping their faction can still raise rep, which should eventually allow for building there (admittedly, I haven’t spent the time to try and make that happen with anyone in particular.).

Huh. Didn’t realize resources built up on their own. I just flew directly to different sites, and never let the timer run just “sitting around.”

Also, to be fair, end of world games do frequently revolve around dwindling resources or at least managing them to NOT dwindle as common mechanics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Current documentation doesn’t do a great job of explaining everything, but hey, that means devs are spending time on actual dev and not worrying too much about manuals that will be obsolete in a few months. :slight_smile:

Clearing alien bases from the area and saving a few local bases really seems to turn them around fast. The angry ones let you build fuel supplies pretty fast if you attack the local aliens.

In a trial campain, I let the aliens start taking over the globe. Interestingly, they actually started focusing on the bases I had fuel dumps in. If you let them go, they will actually stop your movement, by taking out your friends and pitstops.

That’s a nifty discovery. Either an odd coincidence, or there’s already some fairly effective AI installed in them.

I put the first couple down to coincidence on one side of the globe. When the other side of the globe started going sideways (and I let the timer run) the same thing happened. Several bases without fuel were attacked too, but all the ones I had fuel depots in, were taken out quickly.

If I was playing properly and trying to stop them, there would several breaks in the fuel pit stop flight path.

Makes sense, they attack bases with our investments more often, than other bases I guess.

I haven’t tried it a second time but hope the same happens.