How does damage work exactly?

So I’ve played the game a fair bit (currently awaiting the balance patch before I play again). But I don’t completely get how damage works in the game.

So looking at a few weapons:

Dagon’s Tooth - Damage - 100. Bleed - 30.

From this I’d assume 100 base damage and 30 bleed damage per turn thereafter. Right?

Subjugator - Damage - 50. Piercing - 20. Virus - 6

Alright so 50 base damage. Then what? Bypass/re the first 20 armor, or does that remove 20 per attack? Virus - 6, I assume adds a virus damage effect of 6 damage per turn?

Piranha - Damage - 40. Piercing - 10. Burst - 4. Action points - 2.

So burst damage confused me until I read some posts I read earlier today. So it’s base damage 40 multiplied by the burst amount right? So 40 x 4 - 160. And it takes 2 action points for a single attack?

Hel II Cannon - Damage - 180. Shred - 10. Shock - 250.

So 180 base damage. Remove 10 armor, and add 250 damage to the base damage. so 430 damage?

Psyche CRB IV - Damage - 50. Poison - 40.

Base damage 50. 40 poison damage per turn?

That’s a few examples. Be good to know for sure what everything actually means, so that I’m using the most effective weapons on my troops.

I think most of it is explained in Phoenixpedia (right most button when you see the globe).

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Well I’m looking more for detailed explanations from actual people at this stage.

The base damage is how much each projectile (bullet) does.

Burst is how many projectiles are fired per shot (shotguns fire a lot, assault rifles a medium number, sniper rifles and Hel cannons just one).

Armour Piercing is how much armour each projectile ignores (so if a burst of 8 bullets each doing 30 damage hits a body part that has 20 armour, it will do (30-20)x8=80 damage).

Shred is how much armour each projectile destroys.

Shock is not extra damage: if the shock value is higher than (I think) the target’s total hit points, it will be dazed next turn.

Poison and bleed are both similar, they do extra damage on following turns. Fire and acid are a bit more complicated, damaging armour then health over time.

Virus ‘damage’ doesn’t do extra health damage but reduces will on following turns.

Thanks :). Been reading in-game as well.

Poison is global and can stack globally, bleed is on parts not sure it can stacks on a part, but can stack globally by being applied to more parts.

Bleed never decrease, poison decrease of 10 per turn as fire.

I don’t think Fire damage armor, armor reduce damages. But it’s not clear if fire damages globally or can target multiple parts.

Acid has been changed with last patch, and I’m not sure yet how it works. What’s sure is first it only destroy armor, how much I don’t know. Then it starts do health damages once there’s no armor. It stops after some turns, not sure when, I suspect, it’s x turns of HP damages, x is fixed and after the effect stops.

Healing can remove bleed and poison effects but not fire and acid effects.