Please explain this Fire/Bleed?

on 1st Turn, Heavy FT’ed an Arthron for 60 damage and took off the head.
on 2nd turn, Arthron STOOD in the fire.
(I did something to it, forgot what…)
on 3rd turn, Arthron STOOD in the fire. again.
Then I took screenshot:
Screenshot of Arthron with 199/320HP, Burning30 and Bleeding20.
After another turn, it is now 162/320HP, Burning20 and Bleeding30 (one more body part lost).

So why it took only 37 damage from Burning30 and Bleeding20?

This is the body parts of the Arthron after the turn.

According to this thread: V 1.10 Question about fire damage - #27 by oSiyeza
Burning30 will do 30-Armor damage to each body part.

Accordingly, Carapace should take 10 damage, Head 20 damage, Left Arm 10 damage, Right Arm 10 damage for a total of 50 damage, but the Arthron took only 37 damage while bleeding 20.

What happened?

@VOLAND or @MadSkunky can probably explain this better than I, but as I understand it the Fire Damage to the Crabbie’s locations is divided by the number of damaged locations on the Crabbie to generate Damage to General HP.

So the Crabbie took 50/4+20 damage to its general HP, but that works out at 13+20 = 33 (rounded up), so I don’t know where the extra 4 came from.


No, not really for me, AFAIK your calculation looks totally fine so it should be 33 damage and not 37.

I shuffled the numbers a bit around, took +10% from vivisection into account or even the 40 max HP lost from the disabled arm but I’m not able to get to the 37 damage. With 10% vivisection on bleeding and fire it is close with 35.5 ~ 36, with 40 max HP lost from the arm it would be 40 overall … strange.

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According to the formula, you have to devide by the total number of body parts, not just the body parts that get damaged.

So it’s 50/7=7.1 something. And I think bleed is calculated after fire, so it’s not 20, but 30… Thus 7+30=37

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So burning 30 is actually doing only 7 damage?

face palm… THIS SUCK! I’ll go with poison

Yes, that is it! :+1:

You should not forget, that this damage is applied with EVERY step on a lit tile, so it can happen multiple times in one turn.
Of course not in your case because the Arthron had no offensive capabilities left (head and pincer arm disabled), so he simply stay on his position and did nothing.

So what you are saying is, “Standing still in fire will do least damage?”

extremely counter intuitive…

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But pretty effective for an aerial deny tool, isn’t it?

What will do least damage is moving out of the fire :slightly_smiling_face:

What will do most damage is moving through the fire, so, as @MadSkunky said, it works well as area denial.

The previous version where highest damage to limb was subtracted from global HP perhaps made fire a bit too effective when crossing lit tiles…

Actually no, it’s doing 30-armour to every body part AND 7 to the global HP of the target - and as MadSkunky says, it’s doing that with every step you take thru the fire.

So yes, standing still inflicts less damage, but it doesn’t get you out of the fire, so you take that damage -10 again next turn, and the next and the next until you die. Very often, I find that certain Crabbies lose their legs after the first impact and therefore can’t get out of the fire, so they get roasted over several turns.

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of limb removal in this game.

If as Area Denial, is it possible to rekindle fire / extend duration?

In previous PP version, throwing another incendiary nade on the ground that just extinguished flame would not lit up. As I dont have incendiary nades tech atm, I could not test it.

Does the Flamethrower generates bigger carpet flame? Because previously it was meh. (Meh for creating carpet flame of course)

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I have mixed results trying to create a burning wall with the flame thrower. Sometimes it is HUGE, sometimes it is small area…

I am not sure if the burning damage is inversely proportional to the area covered. If it does, then it is working as intended, if not, that sux

It is not, every tile produces the same fire damage. And impact fire damage applies to a random body part, regardless how much of the enemy is exposed to fire.