How Virophage weapon work?

Description of Sniper Rifle
Damage 110
Virophage 60

I shoot in Chiron’s Abomen with 40 armor and make 90 damage, no “mark of deth” and no passives modificators

110 - 40 armor = 70 damage, then why i did 90? how Virophage work?
or 60 - 40 armor = 20 viropage damage, then 70+20 = 90?

THis is funny how you research high level end game weapon and it turns out to be worse than your starting weapon. Everything is a mess in this glitch game. It looks like i’m playing some half-finished beta, not an actual game…

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So, here is my guess following my tests:

For the global “hit points” loss, it is viewed as 2 shots: 110-armor + 60-armor.
In my case, with 30 armor it gave me 110 (80+30) and with 20 it gave me 130 (90+40)

For the body part’s HP though, it seems like virophage ignores armor: 110-armor + 60

To sum it up:

  • 20 armor: 130 global HP, 150 part HP
  • 30 armor: 110 global HP, 140 part HP
  • 40 armor: 90 global HP, 130 part HP

Having trouble feeling it is an upgrade compared to Raven SR13 (130 damage, 50 piercing)…

Thinking about it… The description says it is so deadly that any more could be a total extinction.
It doesn’t feel that way.

Maybe there is a bug and the virophage was meant to spread to contiguous bodyparts. Now this would be an improvement and end game material.

You would shoot at a torso and 60 damage would be applied to torso, head, all arms, all legs, carapace, lots of stuff. Worth the investment.

It would be too much for a single bullet. :wink: But after some balancing then why not.

Well, you supposedly have something that destroys the virus on a global scale (and most of humanity), and is supposed to spread easily. So it would seem to fit the description.

Indeed it would be strong for a bullet, but it is end-game material. Maybe only half/third the damage spreads to contiguous body parts.

But currently, I just built one to test and will scrap it.
Raven is better in every aspect and you get it (much) earlier.
Athena makes crabmen docile in only one shot.

maybe for a sniper rifle it would be good, but if any other weapon would be based on such tech then it would require changes. :slight_smile:

Yggdrasil grenade: 40 damage + 40 virophage


  • each body part loses:
    • 16 armor: 64
    • 20 armor: 60
    • 30 armor: 50
    • 40 armor: 40
  • global health loss:
    • 20 with 3 parts having 30 armor, 1 with 40
    • 40 with 3 parts having 20 armor
    • 48 with 1 part at 20 armor, 2 with 16, 1 with 30

So the formula is easy for body parts (virophage damage is added even if no damage was done).
For the global health, it’s stranger.

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for global it works just like with regular grenades and your formula for global health above. So it is damage from the body part which received maximum damage.

pantolomin has the right formula for how damage is applied.

And yes they are worse than NJ rifle. Kinda stupid since it is the last weapon tech you can get and it is supposed to be designed specifically against the aliens!

Also a question, the only weapon i got for Virophage was a sniper rifle and grenade? Is this correct? If that is the case it forces us to spam Burst Snipers even more making the whole “there is only one meta” even worse.

Yes, only 2 weapons.

Here’s my spreadsheet for weapons, armors and mutations:
Still incomplete for Pandorans since I need to start an other game to have lesser mutations show up.


Thanks for that :slight_smile:
The weapons across factions are so imbalanced it hurts. Like Anu melee weapons have 3 options and clearly one is better so what is the point of the other 2…

This is something I really want to mod the values of if possible.

There is already a mod for that on Nexus (Armor - Weapons - SoldierStats Skillpoints and more at Phoenix Point Nexus - Mods and community).
I use it for airships only (made my own “json”, double spead, range & seats), but you can have fun changing weapons (and armor, mutations, vehicules, soldier stats, …)

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Nice table, thank you!
Just a minor fix suggestion - as far as I remember, VVA-2 Arms attack doesn’t use AP.

I haven’t found a great way of using technicians besides “+20 armor”, so it’s only based on the description. Maybe I mis-read or should remove it since you can do lots of various things with those arms and I remember that they had a cost in WP but not necessarily in AP.

Tritons legs have an attack? I suppose it is Paralyzing Arm II :slight_smile:

It’s their arms in fact, but the name in game is “Agile legs” :rofl: