Question about weapons

Standard Crossbow DMG 100
Poison crossbow DMG 50 + 5 poison that is a DOT and loses potency so it means 5+4+3+2+1 = 15

Why should i use the poison one that’s also more expensive?

Same for the acid grenade, just 5 damage, and the sonic one 15 stun, too little for stunning even a worm, or the Virophage one, three times the cost of the standard one less damage and doesnt shred

The sword does 100 DMG and 3 bleeding, ok 1 AP against 2 of the 150 DMG + stun hammer, but the enemy will return fire twice, and return fire is the death of the Berserker

I’m probably missing something, but those high techs weapons dont look very appealing, i’m building them to make some tests but old style shotgun, grenade launcher and sniper rifle look the way to go.

Last question: the infiltrator, dressed like a ninja and crossbow armed can infiltrate enemy lines and shoot enemies from the back or better not even try?
If i do i’ll stay away from double perception tritons but don want to be tergeted my a facehugger when i’m half the map away from my closest comrade.

This translates to 50+40+30+20+10=150 damage to target in any kind of armor.

Now apply it two times in turn and you will have 100+90+80+70+60+50+40+30+20+10=550 poison damage. Over 10 turns but still powerfull as for 2 shots.

Now imagine enemy with 40 armor.

With standard crossbow you will make only 2 * 60 = 120 damage.
With upgraded it will be 2 * 10 + 500 = 520 damage. :wink:

This is only indicator how many turns acid will work. In each turn it does 10 damage. So there will be 50 damage to at least one body part. And it can hit multiple body parts. It is great for removing heavy armor from enemy. It will take few turns, but after that time you will be able to kill that enemy even with the weakest weapon in the game.

This greade is just for stun so you won’t use it either way to kill an enemy. And it is used vs Will Points not vs Hit Points. So it can stun quite many smaller enemies. Or even stronger ones when they deplete part of their WP.

Whis one is definitely not feature complete. I suppose we will need to wait for full release to see what it does.

Simple rule. Don’t melee attack any enemy who can retaliate. :smiley:

Very good answer, as always, thanks

Poison: why not say 50 then, instead of saying 5, would make everything easier to understand.

Acid same as above; there is a tooltip at loading screen saying it works on armor, but some armored enemies, like those of Anu first diplomatic, have huge armor values and saying 5 mens i have to wait forever, saying 10x5 turns is another matter.

Hammers have 50 stun and they may or may not stun an average Triton or Arthron, that have far less than 50 WP, so the 15 stun of the grenade sure doesnt allow me to use it like an XCOM LW flashbang: BOOM everybody is stunned, go in and bang bang bang followed by a slow blowing over the tip of the gun barrel.

Virophage doesnt work, will be removed from manufacturing queue

Sword: just for tritons, bring also an hammer for lone athrons and a mace for long ranged artillery Charons. Berserkers have a lot of space in the backpack, a lone loaded shotgun or rifle is enough for a mission.
Sidenote: i noticed that attacking them from the side where they have the rifle has a very high chance to disarm, often breaking the arm in the process; little damage but no retaliation, hitting the head side is instead better to cause panic

Because hammers use impact property to stun, not sonic. Impact is against max HP. Sonic is against current WP. There are also electocuting weapons which use electroshock for stun. That is against current HP. :wink: I hope they will explain such nuances somewhere in Phoenixpedia.

Maybe they will show it like that somewhere. Currently UI looks like under development, so maybe there was no space to include such modifier information. I had to make some tests before I figured that out.

And it could be UI nuance from old damage system (before multiplication of HP and damage by 10).

Another EDIT:
I still wonder why sword has 3 bleed indicator, because it always apply 10 bleed damage. :smiley:

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Perfect, as always. Need to make a printed note with those data that are very hard to discover unless you have a @Yokes that tells you.

Out of curiosity, seen you dont have Phoenix Staff near your name, how did you discover all those data? they arent in the pdf coming with the game, unless i missed them.

haha. Some probably still think that I am Phoenix Staff (old good days of Epic affair). I just record videos of my gameplay and then while watching them make notes and try to figure out how things work. Sometimes I make false or not complete assumptions, but fortunately other backers correct me.

EDIT: Btw current build really prevents me from doing all game research (not to confuse with “Research” projects). I can’t get past some point in the game because of bugs so I didn’t figured out everything yet. And I’m bored to use ‘win’ or other cheat commands.

Oh I forgot to mention about that poison weapon that it won’t work against enemies with armor 50+. Poison weapons first need to penetrate armor to apply poison effect.

I’m the same kind of player even if i dont do videos i just spam reload :wink:

Epic affairs means you are a developer of Unreal Tournement? in case my best kudos, spent may hours on it even if not as many as on Doom and expecially Doom II; after them i realized to be too old to play FPS

About not being able to progress dont tell me; i discovered that researching from trees of other factions stalls the game and i’m trying to circumvent the problem; hope they fix it in another beta because i’m starting to get a bit frustrated by blank geoscapes or neverending load times.

No I mean moment when Phoenix Point became Epic exclusive for a year. I have defended developers for their decision. Some idiots misunderstood that, and took me as Snapshot Games employee who will spam forum and will defend them at all cost. But I understood why Snapshot Games made such move and I was explaining it to other players. My thread about Epic deal was probably the longest on this forum. There were quite many players arguing about all the stuff. Later on there were other players who also took developers side and could explain thing better than me (because of my poor English). So I was just following thread not talking anymore, to not make my involvement more suspicious. I was just defending Phoenix Point, as it is game, that I really have been waiting for a long time. If Snapshot will make some another game I will probably not be interested, unless it will be a sequel or prequel of Phoenix Point. :slight_smile:

I’m not a developer. I just know few people who worked on Witcher 3. But I can confirm that Unreal Tournament was way better game than Doom or Quake. :slight_smile: I ended up my FPS voyage in 2008 with Crysis I and Battlefield 2142. Then I realised that my mind became better than my hand. So strategies and RPGs allowed me enjoy more of my free time. :wink:

Unreal was published, if i remember, in 2000, Doom is from the beginning of the 90, obviously it’s better but Doom was a real crack for the times it come, the times when Internet was very young.

I spent my best gaming times with RTS: Age of Empires TC
I was in the community of gamers and i was one of the leaders of the biggest italian playing clan, more than 50 players online on MS Zone every night and LAN meetings with 50 60 people; go figure making a 50 PC LAN at the times of WIN 98, but we had some good nights of intense gaming and lots of spirits.

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That’s a really great explanation! Maybe Snapshot could hire @Yokes to write an in-depth explanation for PhoenixPedia

I suppose Snapshot has people for this task. :smiley: They just need to finish balancing and polishing the game and everything will be explained. :wink: If not, then we can create some wiki. :wink:

I wonder what company I’m working for would say for my another incentives. :thinking:


Hopefully, though in some other cases (Pillars) we had to rely on community members like yourself to discover how everything works.

Some games: Civ, Total War, Bethesda games, have communities with excellent vikis and forum posts that help a lot new, and also not so new, players, not to speak of the modding community to solve many little annoyances like inventory management and similar.

I do hope such details are explained in game. Its not cool for the developers to design such concepts and them never being used simply because there wasn’t a proper explanation.

There is already a wiki though it could certainly use some love.

That would need a lot of love… lol.

Why stunned alien cannot be captured, why I should exactly paralyze him? So annoying…

'cause when they’re stunned, they can still move/bite…would you put them on board the manticore?!?
“…yes Mr. Crab, sir, right this way, if you please…”:grin:

Thing with paralyze is if the damned alien is bleeding, most probably he will die before mission ending.

“If it bleeds, we can kill him” - taken from best movie ever!

A syren bleeding 10 or 20 will take forever to die, with worms better be quick to finish