Incursion - is that final?

OK Guys, I have a problem with that.
My first game was ‘kubaya, lets hold our hands together’ style. pact with all factions, defend them etc…
My second game, I started to do some incursions to steal some research earlier on and guess what.
There is no negative impact on diplomacy.
I can defend them from Pandorans, get their recruit and second later kill ten of them to get thunderbird plans.
after that we are having couple of beers together.
like nothing happened.
is this BB5 stuff or this works as intended ?
I have to admit that steal the research missions are currently the hardest one I’ve seen in BB5. So I tottaly want infiltrator class ASAP

I doubt that is final. :slight_smile: We can even ally with 2 or 3 factions at the same moment, which should not be possible. Diplomacy and all events having impact on it are not finished yet I suppose.

Never in the history of Phoenix Point have they stated that you can’t be friends with all three. As a matter of fact, on more than one occasion they have said you CAN. So yes, it should be possible. Just because the factions don’t like each other doesn’t mean they can’t be friends with you. It’s the end of the world, and if being friends with the friend of your enemy will help keep you alive, would you not just suffer through it? I mean, they could make it so that at some point, like when their hatred of another factions gets high enough, that you start losing points for being friends with them toward other factions, meaning ultimately you WILL have to pick one.

The sheer damage to gameplay from only being able to be friends with one or two factions is immense. Entire swaths of havens are suddenly not friendly. Your base could be surrounded by enemy havens, and get invaded a lot while trying to go out and explore. That’s a whole bunch of research and tech you can never use, meaning wasted Dev time. As time goes by, people will figure out that one faction is better than the others, and then anyone trying to min/max or follow guides/videos is just going to side with that one faction, and everything involving the other two factions will never be used.

I could sit here and explain in even greater detail WHY it is necessary to leave this in, but I think you get the point.

the devs have said you can be friendly with all three (though it will be difficult), not friends. They have also said that if you pick sides, you won’t be friendly with the others for long.

@kane no it isn’t final. it has been identified as one of the areas that needs to be balanced

It’d be a waste to make it really easy to just friend up with all three factions. Why even have research stealing incursion missions if you can just do a set mission and get all baseline tech immediately? Then you do another and get the rest of their research progression for free.

Being able to go hostile with other factions isn’t a waste because you can’t use their tech: it’s an opportunity to go steal that tech. It’s exposure to combat situations with wider varieties of enemies.

I’ll agree that it’d need proper balancing so RNG won’t just lock you into one region of the map defending your home while you need to be across the globe to progress but proper rewards and soldier/vehicle count progression balancing could make it more reasonable than it sounds.

Great! I had to miss that announcement. Like @yianyan said, right now there is no point for Incursion, with an exception for super early access.
In the mid game I saw a lot of factions wars while I stay aside and let them fight… As I was busy with airship micromanagement.

I’m not sure how much do you follow all news, but you are wrong. :wink: Maybe you can be Friendly, at some point maybe even Supportive, but definitely not an Ally with all 3 factions.

No? Not everyone play to min/max everything. Some just play to have different options. Being unable to ally with them all at the same time means, that you will start new game to check the others. It is just case for ballancing so none of faction will be too weak and not interesting.

I do hope that the end game sees much less combat, cause if it wasn’t for the “win” console command, I’d be “Long War” fed up.

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