New Diplomacy Feature

Players can exploit the conflicts of other factions through kidnappings, sabotage, assassinations, and military coups.[25] Players also can pursue more diplomatic options such as mediating conflicts between factions, defending havens from attacks of aliens or rival factions, forming alliances, or trading.[3] Resource scarcity compels players to deal with non-player factions one way or another, or else the factions will deal with the players.[8] How players choose to interact with other factions will determine substantially the narrative that players experience in their gameplay.[3] Meanwhile, non-player factions will fight or ally with each other regardless of what players do.[13] Players will interact with non-player factions much like in a 4X video game from the Civilization series

Well, loving some goodies coming from Civ series. Can someone explain what can we expect of diplomacy? OK fixed alliance to one side, but what for others/independent?

For interested: More Wikipedic info on Global Strategy of PP.

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Yeah, I’m really excited about the diplomacy :smiley: One thing that’s really great is that Anu, Synedrion, and New Jericho all have their different solutions to the Pandora plague, so there’ll be 3 different endings for each of those factions, plus one for the Phoenix Project going it alone :smiley: :smiley:

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I expect something along the lines of Apocalypse’s faction relations with more WotC-like/LW2-like direct involvement on top. BTW, I wonder if any of the NPC factions could merge with PP or fall to the virus and become permanently hostile?


I got the impression that it’s not a “fixed” alliance but you doing enough “favorable” stuff to a side to earn their trust, which means you can in theory do that for all 3, but will be really hard if not impossible, as their missions will be against each other (probably more often as the game progresses), giving “good” to one and “bad” to other depending on the outcome, so sustaining an “alliance” state with more than one faction should be really hard.


I like that, similar mechanics were present in XCom Apocalypse, too bad graphics had to be that small :slight_smile: Well, sounds like “XCom 2” level of complexity, done in XCom Apocalypse style, with a bit of Phoenix Point backstory …


  • One can do missions for them
  • One can do mission against their enemies
  • One can have access on their research and end resulting improvements if one repeats 1 and 2

Nice :blush:

Or you can go to their base and steal their tech/vehicles/etc… Though I doubt you can “recruit” classes from them easily the “enemy”-way.