How do i heal injured troops

can you ss it for me so i know how?

not getting the option to research that

ive researched everything oi could

do i have to go to the original base?

This is me responding to the same question in another thread. From what I remember the tech is called “Haven Recruitment Protocols” and it shows up as soon you find a haven, be it Anu, Synedrion, New Jericho or Independent. Without a Phoenixpedia though I don’t know if you can see if you have already researched a tech. That said, if you have everything you can researched, you should have it.

After that, you need a haven that has a recruitable soldier available, an open slot on your aircraft, and that aircraft at the haven with the recruitable soldier. You then purchase the soldier

oh okay, maybe this will help me thanks

so any haven

As far as I know you can research the tech from finding any haven.

However you can only recruit a soldier from a haven that has a soldier available to recruit. Those are much rarer. The haven should have a symbol under it if it has a recruitable soldier

oh okay, so you can’t spend food to recruit , ty

the spending food to recruit was a placeholder until recruiting from havens was implemented

so its random find? now

It’s a a bit random.

A haven with a training centre can produce the basic recruits of that faction. Once that faction has their elite unit tech and an elite training facility in the haven, it can produce its elite units.

cant find one

That’s odd, you should find at least one haven nearby that has a recruit available