How can I tell if my game saves are still good?

I’ve been playing since the 1st backer build even tried one of the earlier beta builds. I really enjoy the game and see dramatic improvements with each major patch. Recently I Downloaded the year one game and started over but now it looks like all but one of my game saves are invalid. When I load this save I have just one ship and it looks like half of my team is now missing.

Does that mean my save data is corrupted and I need to start a new game? I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the game and have restarted several times so that I can try out the new DLC. While I enjoy playing the game starting over 4 or 5 times had really become painful.

Is there a way to tell if you save data is corrupted or no longer valid? Also at this point should I just wait for the last DLC to arrive before diving back into the game?

It’s been a lot of fun but would really love some feedback.


When were the saves created? Every save that was made before the 1.9 Polaris / Year One Edition patch is no longer valid. This patch was released on the 3rd of December 2020. If you try to load such save there should be an error message saying that the save is invalid.

You are saying that you can load the save but your progress is incorrect? That is weird. Sounds like some really old save? Do you have more saves and have you tried to load some other ones? Well, if these saves are from 1.8 version or older then they will not work,

If your saves are very old then they’re not likely compatible with the existing save system as it was overhauled in patch 1.9

Note that save compatibly has only been broken twice so far despite all the updates included in each patch. The devs don’t genearlly break save compatibility unless its very necessary. The 1.9 patch seemed to lay teh groundwork for future development/additions, so future patches breaking save games is unlikely, but not impossible obviously.


Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback started fresh to check out Festering skies.

Thank you so much for your help and feedback. I decided to wait till festering skies and year one edition were out and started over. They were definitely old. So far so good everything is much more stable and so far I think this is the best version yet. Hoping to finish before anymore updates. Lol