Confused? About a Email I got

I backed the game way before the first BB. I just got a email from Xolia telling me I can pre order the season pass at a reduced rate? I get that free right and I’m supposed to get another release today 11/8/2019 on EGS? Or am I wrong? Thanks

They mentioned in one of the pinned posts that:

Some customers may have received the discount voucher in error, even if they ordered before March 12th 2019. You will still be getting the season pass for free. You may if you wish to pass the voucher to someone else.

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Isn’t there a release of some kind today? Thanks for the info. I was worried. They’ve had some issues before.

I thought the same thing. What I now believe though is that there is nothing new today but that you can no longer get early access through purchasing. Only that you have access if you had it before today. I think…

OK Thanks. I’m looking forward to release very much.

Same here. Been holding off on the early access so I can dig in fresh at release. Was hopeful that was going to be today but what’s another couple weeks after almost a 2 year wait :grinning:

Game releases on December3rd.

Some people might have received the email by mistake. If you backed the game before Epic deal you will get season pass for free.

What happened today, is that packages on sale changed. One can’t buy access to Backer Beta, but season pass became available for sale.

Thanks for the info. I was confused about it. Dec 3rd it is. Can’t wait.