Hopes, hype and reminiscing

I’m extremely hyped for Phoenix Point at this point. The potential of the game is just colossal.
Some of the things I really loved about the original UFO series was the massive scale. UFO’s kept dropping in, some of them were way too big to handle, and you just had to let em be until you could either throw enough interceptors at them or research better tech. The games were basically early sandbox games, but with awesome and (somewhat) linear story-arc (depending on the order in which you researched stuff).

It was a time when background lore was important, and I spent hours just reading up on all the stuff on the UFOPedia.

Some of the things I really loved were the Geoscape with an opportunity to build unique and specialized bases all over the world as well as finances that at least seemed to make sense. A soldier didn’t cost 5 dollars. No, he cost 40000 dollars to hire and was paid a wage of 20000 per month. A simple, yet effective way of providing immersion to a game.

I also loved that you could buy “tanks”, although as a kid, it took a while for me to understand that it took up 4 spaces on the Skyranger, and that it needed a lot of ammo. Just flying out there to a night mission in your Skyranger with 14 Rookies in their grey overalls and funky disco-hair, could send chills down my spine. On the first round, you’d deploy maybe half of them outside the Skyranger, kneel and get ready to hunt some aliens. And sure enough, sometimes an alien grenade landed right outside the Skyranger on turn 1 and blew up 6 of your guys, but it wasn’t the end of the game. It was a setback, and you realized that spacing wasn’t optional after all.

UFO: Enemy Unknown was probably the game of my childhood that had the biggest impact on me. It was scary, thrilling, the minimalistic battlemusic provided an amazingly eerie atmosphere, and to this day I still revisit the game on occasion just to relive the memories.

If Phoenix Point can be half of what UFO: Enemy Unknown was, it’ll easily be my new favourite.
Keep up the good work!

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It will be better, since it also continues the Apocalypse’s competing factions ideas.

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I would say there already is a game half that good of what is UFO:Enemy Unknown, and it is called XCOM:Enemy Unknown/Within :slight_smile:
I am not trying to be insulting, I much like New XComs and spent hundreds of hours playing both games. And I really appreciate what Firaxis done to turn-based games: they simply resurrected this genre.
Anyway, I hope that Phoenix Point will be more than half as good as UFO, even surpassing it in some aspects. I know there are many obstacles on the way, especially nostalgia, which making original game as perfect one. But even without nostalgia UFO:EU and Terror from the Deep still are good and playable games. I would like to see those vast amounts of great playability (and replayability) and richness of lore in PP as well, to have full experience again. With some changes to fit games of our times but without dumbing anything down.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the new XCOM games. But all of the features seemed a bit watered down compared to the original UFO.


Much agreement coming your way in 3 … 2 … 1 … !

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Didn’t get you wrong at all :slight_smile: I also like new XComs and also wish PP to be more like original on both strategic and tactical layer. Or even better than original!

Even the original game had its flaws (though many were fixed by OpenXcom patches and the like), so there is a good chance that Phoenix Point can build even more upon the legendary game. Even at the moment PP looks like a great balance of the complexity of UFO, and the easier to learn UI of Firaxcom. To the future!

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