Ultimate adition

As a baker of project since 2018 I was warmly expected the game, and could not wait its release.
It happened. I spent about 2 hours in game and completed 4 missions. The 3rd level of difficulty. Just to get familiar with matter.

And I… I see many things that I dislike.

First of all… it looks too casual on level of strategic control. I’m just in beginning, yet. But may be I simply did something wrong?

Where are soldiers portraits?
Where is choice where to start campaign?
Is it really so… that grey surroundings of mission map are co sharp?
Very strange method of putting soldiers in dropship.
Very strange situation that only soldiers consume food…
Very poor design in weapon ammunition. Looking back to UFO Afterlight…

At first glance game looks as a remake of UFO Aftershock (and little bit like UFO Afterlight). Can mention similarities to Extraterrestials and Xenounauts. But Phoenix Point really looks tooooo casual and simple for product of XCOM creators. Except diplomacy. I really like it. It looks similar to UFO Aftershock and it is good.

On tactic level it is brilliant. Best of the best among all that I encountered.

Can we expect some updates in graphics and strategic level elements? If yes, please share the plans what is expected.

Thank you.