Heavy/Sniper doing 3000 damage, wut?

Marked for Death, Reckless, and Rage Burst with a 16 round clip. Nothing gonna survive it! Hah!

hehe yeah, sniper seem pretty op on the 3 starter classes especialy combined with heavy “ultimate” lvl 7 ability.

On the other hand, it’s usefull for big hp stacking ennemies, but not really material efficient for smaller targets x) so i guess it’s okey. They are just ‘bigguys hunters’ x)

Yeah, I wouldn’t call it OP or anything, it’s just a fun combo. Gotta carry a lot of clips though. xD

Yep :’) clips aren’t so costly and it can save some headashes with some too tanky enemy or semi bosses XD

Yeah, Marked for Death + Rage Burst is an amazing combo. Glad someone got to play around with it :sunny:

Yeah, gotta pay those Sirens back…