"destroy a pandoran colony" objective how to do?

Where do I find pandoran colonies? I avoided doing that objective for a while and I feel like all the pandoran colonies are now hidden and I don’t know how to trigger them.

(I did everything else found all the phoenix bases, researched yuguth/viro weapon)

Pretty sure that objective means the Pandoran Nests you find dotted around.

I typically find them close to what had been the border of the mist, close to havens where they act as staging points to attack them.

I actually had that problem in one of my games, started many :roll_eyes:.

I destroyed a single nest very early on and then … nothing. The red just kept spreading but no nests in sight, tried to scan and visiting mist covered havens, couldn´t see any for a long time and then I started a new game :).

Are pandoran nests bugged because I can’t find any? I remember seeing one early on in the game but I ignored the objective for a very long time and now I can’t find any.

I’m thinking they may be, that or there are very strict requirements for them to be created that simply aren’t happening.

I’ve seen one during one campaign, but across 7 others I’ve started and got somewhat into, not a single one has been established.

For a lair to form you have to allow multiple nests to appear in an area.
You can do this by either leaving them alone for long enough, or failing to defend a haven from attack (even if the defenders win).

Oh are you sure? It would mean nice boost for aliens.

The problem is nests don’t seem to be establishing like they should do.

In my current campaign I’m pretty much leaving everyone to die except Anu Havens and have had 2 Syn havens get attacked and wiped out by Pandorans, and a NJ attacked which managed to fend off the Pandorans by themselves.

I’m at around 10% Index, have discovered my 2nd Phoenix Base and have unlocked Anu classes and tech… and not a single nest has been created in the entire campaign.

I have definitely seen 1 get established in a previous campaign, but like I said in the previous post, that’s 1 nest in a total of 8 campaigns that have all been played up to around the point I am at currently.

I don’t know if this helps or not but I’ve been ignoring the past 50 haven defense missions or so; I got red up and just beelined the story. This would appear to contradict the claim that nests show up even if the aliens win claim.

Ah, to reveal the nests you actually have to defend a haven or have specific tech that makes them appear on radar scans. They’re not revealed by default

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Yep, just saw Pawnman’s post in trihero1’s other thread about this subject.

That’s somewhat daft, and kind of forces you to help factions you might not want to assist.

Oh well, add it to the list of weird design decisions.

Haven defenses aren’t even showing up for me anymore; I have an unfinishable mission to defend a haven that’s already been destroyed and I suppose this is preventing further havens from spawning? RIP on my easy story runthrough.

Just wanted to say thank you for showing me that defending havens causes colonies to appear; I restarted the game (no way I was going to win at 95% meter filled with still having to capture every objective alien) and after defending my first haven I noticed the colony popped!