Havens attacked too frequently

I feel like I’m not getting anything done in the game because I spend about 3 seconds in the geoscape before another settlement needs my help. The Fallout 4 flashbacks are real.

Anyway, I feel these are way too frequent and necessary. I wouldn’t mind if the havens could actually defend themselves most of the time but at the moment it’s constantly 12-18 aliens vs 7-12 enclave personnel.

I’ve still only got one base too. So I can’t imagine how much more bothersome it’s going to be doing 3-4 missions for barely an hour to pass in the geoscape when I’ve got bases all over the globe.

Also, can factions not send their own units to help? Why am I the only one sending soldiers to fight off the aliens? How have they survived without the Phoenix project in the first place if they’re solely reliant on me now?


This is being addressed in the release. There will be a time limit on how often a Haven can be attacked. The limit is per alien base in range though, so a Haven with more alien bases close by will get attacked more often.


That sounds good. I tried destroying all the nearby bases to slow down the attacks or at least prevent more areas from getting covered in mist. Good to know that that’ll be the way to do it in the final release.
Thanks for taking time to reply!