Haven's need automated defenses

I hate that fallen bases we some times read about on Geoscape events are more heavily defended then the active havens around the map.

around 10% on the index bases should start building active defenses depending on faction with each haven and phoenix base having slots for defenses. The only exception would be New Jericho who should start with auto turrets on their bases.

Automated defenses: each base would have a single slot while phoenix bases have two (gate slot left and right)



light turrets
info: a New Jericho basic places 1 turret next to each door on the map, outward facing. On Phoenix base places 2 turrets on the side of the gate it is meant for (sides are internal and external)

turret note: it is just the engineer turret.

defense: 4

Heavy turret
info: once the threat gets bigger, New Jericho bases will start start replacing their small turrets with large fortified turrets, these heavy emplacements are 3 stories tall take up a 2x2 space and have a twin guass minigun loading 300 rounds attacks by sweeping fire over a 2x2 area costing 30 rounds dealing 30 damage per round that hits
turret note: when placed on phoenix point, takes both slots is placed outside.

upgrade: later on they will upgrade the heavy turret with improved ammo (420 rounds) and anti missile system (burns 10 rounds to destroy any airborne hostile explosives)

defense: 10

Militia station (haven’s only)
info: instead of going for the turrets, some smaller NJ bases will go for militia stations, these cause 1/4th the civilians on a map to start armed, if an area protection map a squad of 4 NJ soldiers will spawn to defend. These soldiers are armed with a PDW, assault armor, and have rapid aim which they will try to use at least once per turn to up their attacks to 5.

defense: 4


response drone bay
info: a synedrion standard, these bays can deploy 3 types of drones and are generally armed with a set amount of them to deploy. By default they deploy 2 spider drones per turn, but as upgraded can have quad rotor drones, and acid drones.

drone notes rotor: armed with twin laser pistol the bay can hold 2 of these will deploy before spider drones costs 4 to deploy

drone note spider: has 4 ammo, costs 2 action point to deploy will deploy other drones first

acid drones: replaces spider drones, has an acid explosion dealing less structure damage.

phoenix note: when placed in an interior or exterior phoenix base defense will always place interior with the first being on the left of the main door and the second being on the right. As the deployer doesn’t have much health.

defense: 6


info: anu’s basic defense blood hounds are small dog like creatures that inflict bleed when they bite things, as the game goes on mutations make them ore reptile like and give them acid spit. the defense its self gives 2 each has 250 HP and 10 armor, though as mutations come in they get stronger. these creatures do die easily in early game but in late game they are a highly valuable defense for the faction.

phoenix note: on base defense these will always spawn mixed in with the enemies, they tend to not survive multiple attacks as the player can not control them. if the base has a multog they will spawn around it instead.

defense: early game 2 late game 10

reptorn (random letter pressing name)
info: around mid game ANU might start making these in havens for defense, these are raptor like creatures with a unique 6 actions per turn. all their attacks bleed targets and they are immune to mind control. These always have a handler on map, general spawn is handler + 3 of the reptorn.

note: reptorn are more or less a combo of a real life raptor (tiny fluffy and dangerous) and a fire fly. they are small hard to hit and fast. having 180 HP each and a unique side step will ability they they will trigger on their first few turns that allows them to step out of the way when shot at (will jump to a random tile next to them)

In the late game, they get a fire breath attack.

class: note, players can train soldiers to become a beast trainer, this class spawns with 2 of them when entering a battle, and can buff mutogs to do some crazy things.

phoenix note: when put in a phoenix base adds +4 to food cost, 1 for the trainer and 3 for the beasts.

defense: 6


Flame gate
info: found on the third base you find nomater what is a flame gate, this “gate” is internal only and has 4 flamethrowers attached to the back side of the gate. When activated creates a pool of fire that lasts 3 turns at teh gate.

note: this comes from a defense strat I found, throw NJ fire grenades at the main door to your base, these will out right kill most weaker enemies that try to enter. unlike the grenade strat though, flame gates have one charge so use it wisely.

[Faction] call
info: requires allied with a faction, this interior only defense allows you to call in another faction to help. This costs 10-100 tech, 100-400 materials, and 400~ food. when done 2 turns later a group of 4-6 level 2-6 allies will spawn at the nearest lift to the main door.

note: is the cheapest to build at 10 materials (you are more or less just setting up a computer) but the most expensive in the long run.


Standing army
info: 3 assaults spawn on defense, that is it standing army is a none faction thing that each faction must research by themselves once done all their havens will get it by default

defense: +3