Haven Defensemission

This is a sugestion.
At this point if we “aid” an haven in it’s defense it will throw us in a fight against the alien. The haven will only work as an place to fight but haven soldiers will not fight alnogside you. This feels strange.
So my sugestion is that there will be a few soldiers to fight alogside you, or it might be that they arrve to aid you.
There count could be dependen’t on how the balance in the battle is. If they are loosing they will hardly send any soldiers helping you if they win anyway their soldiers will be winning any way.
The reward could then depend on how many soldiers of the haven forced die. (read if some of them die, you will get less rewards)
Also if you go to a haven that dislikes you and is winning they might not want your help and start attaking you as well. Or migt not give you any rewards.

It will be like that - it is not implemented yet.

Reward is calculated differently. If enemy is overpowering defenders and you will succeed in eradicating attackers then reward is higher, if defenders can easily win reward is lower. I suppose that deaths count won’t matter or it will make lesser impact than just defending against bigger enemy forces.

Well they actually invite you to defend their haven so changing their minds would be quite unusual. Especially if any help with defeating aliens would be appreciated. You know. Maybe enemy forces are small but there is always change to catch infection. So this is psychological thing. Maybe with exception that Disciples are not afraid, but NJ, Syn and Independents probably would like you to risk your own soldiers. :wink:

Of couse if they didn’t invite you, and you join the fight without permission, then they can attack you. Julian mentioned that there will be different goals and outcomes of different battles. So maybe your or my version is just not implemented yet.