Pandorans with Human Tech, why? How?

PP is maybe the first X-Com based game that aliens use our weapons and this bothers me.

Pandorans are a hivemind based organic creatures which uses mutations, this is a nice horrific enemy type, I like that. But then you see that they use human weapons… not just simple ones but high teck ones like laser, paralyse or NJ adv gauss weapons… when I saw them together at battlefield, it’s just not fitting anymore…

Why would an organic, carbon based mutated creature by a virus would use advanced human weapons?
How will they find those weapons? From havens? Did they manufacture those? How did they learn to use them? How do they find ammo? Why do they even have paralyse weapons? Do they want to capture us? Why?..

Even I don’t have the tech, or even I have, they are so expensive to do…

Maybe someone can bring a lore about this, hidden somewhere… I do not care. Because it does not fit. I would accept a laser beam eye mutation, same for gauss ones with a sci-fi organic explanation… Like the first enemies with mashine gun arms… It was very cool… but they start to use human guns…

Why don’t they have a heavy armor then?

Pandorans should have biological counter parts of our arsenal, if they want to use them against us. A pandoran with laser rifle looks like a strange cyberpunk future fantasy for me… It kills all the pandoran soul…

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I’m not sure if the Pandorans qualify as a hive mind.

Also they don’t lack intelligence, or ability, I would expect them to repurpose human technology (like they do with the Arthron machine guns) and to use human weapons, which they surely get from raiding.


That machine gun is a mutation. Even they are not hivemind, but probably at some level as there is something to control them at least at strategical meaning, they should mutate into the weapons, not to learn how to use our weapons.

Really, does it not bother you to see human tech weapons at the hand of full organic mutated sea type humanoid creatures?

As I said, the lore is not important. They are not an alien race, they are mutated humans by a virus. At least I expects some half organic weapons which connected somehow with their body… Like scylla and chiron mutations…

Arthon machinegun is a very good example for this and it shows that devs are already planning this… then something happened and they just go easy and fast way…

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Sorry, but no, not really.

On the contrary, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be able to, as you wrote they are “humanoid creatures”. As long as they have some form of hands and fingers I’m fine with it.
Besides, only Tritons can have these weapons. Maybe because they still have enough human DNA in them, or for whatever reason else.
Anyway, I really don’t mind. In fact, I didn’t even think about it until I read this thread. :thinking:

I get sometimes additional weapons from them, if I look from this game play side, I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

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In fact, I’d go further and say that if not part of the lore, it has always been a feature of the Pandas from Day 1 that they use humans - and human tech - to advance their agenda.

The Pandoravirus warps humans into new forms to fight us with. If it uses our own people against us, why wouldn’t its guiding intelligence use our weapons against us too?


Ok then. No problem.

Personally, i think it would be quite beneficial for the game, if Pandorans used own weapons… after all, there is a DLC with living weapons in the game, which you “collect” inside Pandoran colonies… so why couldnt they just use these weapons instead of human weapons???

It is kinda strange to see them using more modern weapons than what you have access to sometimes, due to way too fast Pandoran Evolution… on Legend, most of the time you see Tritons with AR-51 sooner, than you get that weapon from NJ…

AFAIK this is connected?
IMO they can’t get newer weapons as long as they aren’t researched from the factions.
Sure, they can get it earlier than the player, but, well, then you get the tech to late from the faction but they have researched it already.

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That was my experience in this playthrough. Only after NJ researched AP weapons the Tritons started getting them.

yet if you are not alligned with NJ when they get them, Tritons will have them and you wont… plus, its kinda strange they get latest weapons immediately after they are researched…

that’s OK, I’ll get them from their dead bodies :slight_smile:

yeah, but that’s part of the general crazy fast pace on the Geoscape situation…

thematically, Living weapons would suit them a lot better, plus, it would be better game play wise, as player would be not able to use these weapons as well… therefore whole issue of random drops on the battlefield would be mitigated…

and of course, these living weapons could be quite different to human ones, giving Tritons unique hitting power, tailored to their role…

No problem at all with the living weapons idea, and it already kinda exists in the arthron’s MG, or the scylla’s cannons, etc. However, the living weapons items from the DLC is a human creation if I remember correctly (I did just 2 missions from it). The creator died using them, and that’s why you recover them in alien bases. The guy is half rambo half super scientist, maybe he’s a Rick?

I also don’t see any problem with pandorans using human weapons as others have explained. Besides, it’s only the Tritons, and their lore states that they’re more intelligent and more human than the others, which enables them to understand human weapons. There was this intent in their creation, to turn human weapons against them. It makes perfect sense to me and is not a turn off at all.

Gameplay-wise, it adds more variety to the weapons you encounter too.

And about them using only weapons and not armor… most wouldn’t fit, right? It’s a very different body. I guess there’s a valid argument that tritons could evolve some bioweapons too, and they do, like their paralyzing tentacles, but they could also evolve weapons of their own which WE probably wouldn’t be able to use (or would be, depending on the case).

Edit: I’ve now pictured a triton in synedrion sniper gear with the cloth arms removed so they can fit 4 arms there. Please implement this! :smile: