Hair physics for Soldiers?

Will we have physics for enlongated hair strands, as in the Firaxis XCOM games?

Will I get to see the ponytails on my amazonian crew sway as they race across the battlefield?

I’m asking the important questions here, people!

No. All use helmets.


@Yokes What if I don’t want to use a helmet?!

Then you will get in trouble with the labor union :wink:

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more like your soldiers will get dead

If you want to take it down, you will automatically run mini-game to answer the question ‘how many pimples your soldier has?’ If you count wrong then you will need to use helmet. And if you will get it right then there still won’t be any hair animation or physics with the exception of eyebrows.

Did the use of a basecap instead of hair (due to programming issues) for Mario in Donkey Kong make DK a worse game in any way? I don’t thinks so - so what`s the matter :slight_smile:

I heard that the alien threat in PP will eventually adapt to counter whatever type of hairstyles our soldiers decide to wear.


This topic seems to be neither hair nor there for me

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Hair physics could well be one of the highlights of the game, I for one am hoping that it’ll be a combing attraction.

EDIT - Sorry about the puns, I’ll cut it out now…


I hope someone will cut this short, don’t want to have hair-problems in game too.


Having to go to the hairdresser every few weeks will increase the cost of troops dramatically !!


Woa! That’s Bald statement!!


This seems like one of those features the devs would want to regularly trim.

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Tbh, there is a game mechanic right there. Gears of war - better visibility and reaction without helmet. Less weight, but higher chance it instakill.

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The Avatar cut slows my loading speed down, for no discernable reason. I don’t want to upgrade my rig, so I can watch ponytails swish. :grinning:

Unless you’re wearing some kind of face-mask-integrated helmet, I don’t see why a helmet should impair visibility in any way.

In any case, hair and hair physics are of very very little importance to me. It could just as well be DLC or added later imho.

As long as hair looks like this, I’ll be a happy camper :smiley:

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wearing just about any sort of headgear impairs your field of vision. Humans have very strong peripheral vision, and wearing something on our heads limits the field of view for our peripheral vision.