Physics/Ragdoll mechanics might need tweaking

Had a few enemies and one of my soldiers blasted about 20 meters at death - not critical to game enjoyment, but a bit more comical than the game atmosphere demands.

Ragdoll spasms and skyrocketing is apparently almost impossible to solve, given that it’s been in games for a hundred years.

Skyrims devs never got rid of it. Took modders less than 24 hours …

It should be achievable, think its just a matter of fine-tuning how much force the bullets apply to the ragdoll (assuming they are simulating that to get the effect). Not saying its easy to get right, but certainly doable. In a somewhat serious game like this, I would almost prefer the enemies just go “splat” and get replaced by goop on the ground where they died if the alternative is the ragdoll olympics :slight_smile:

Have to agree that in the case of some of my soldier deaths, the outcome appeared a bit cartoonish in the way they were trown around and folded themselves into odd positions. Balistics weapons don’t have the momentum and kinetic energy to do that, or soldiers couldn’t fire them. Please tune it down considerably - I’d suggest a factor of four, at least.

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It also has an impact on the inventory feature. If a soldier is “launched” 50 squares away, recovering his/her weapons/ammo/etc could be impossible


Ragdoll really needs some tweaking. Just got one soldier skyrocketed into a pit by a pincer blow. I think crabman pincer and granades are the main causes for this behavior.

This reminds me when I was Playing XCOM Long War and every time I killed an Exalt operative near a wall he got his head stuck in it. That was gruesome.

I don’t mind a little ragdoll comedy.


wont lie i laughed my ass of when one of my soliders flew over the queen and landed on a hand rail, hanging by his foot.

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