Explosives calculation broken since BB3?

Maybe I don’t understand what is happening in the damage calculation after using explosives, but it really struck me that almost every time crabman is using his grenade launcher (which makes 4 damage?) almost always weapon in soldier hands is destroyed (and most of them has 5 HP, or even 7 in case of assault rifles). And those weapons weren’t hit earlier by any other damage as someone could probably think - as I record videos for ‘replay’ functionality and can track everything what is going on.

Does equipment has some multiplier to receive additional damage or they are threated as multipart items which cumulate several hits from explosives and each of that part has less than 5 HP?

Same goes with our explosives. Everytime I use my rocket launcher or grenade launcher or even standard Vandium grenade I observe enemy weapon damage which is above those weapons damages. And yes, I know that when you remove crabmen limb then weapon is gone - but there are moments when only enemy weapon is damaged and that ‘done damage’ is higher than my potential damage.

Do you have any data for this? I’m recalling from memory, but for me it’s really rare for a soldiers weapon to be destroyed, to the point where I’ll even consider restarting a mission if one gets destroyed.

(but that can also happen because I make grenade launchers top priority do destroy by any means necessary)

I would need to upload all my videos and count all of that, but really… When my soldiers were shot with crabmen grenade I think they had lost their weapon like 80% of the time. Of course enemy is far more interested in shooting crates or killing civilians, and I also prioritize crabmen grenadiers on my ‘to kill list’ so their grenade shot on me doesn’t happen really often, but when it does… I need to buy another copy of weapon after mission. Heavy weapons mostly endure this because they have 8 HP (maybe it is enough).

PS. I’m not even mad that I need to buy weapons. But higher than expected damage from explosives bothers me. Remember that each weapon has 2 points of armor, so even the weakest ones should go down after at least 7 points of damage or in case of grenades at least 2 shots (counting 1 point of armor being shred).

Of course body parts or base structures behave correctly when threted with enemy BOOM. :wink:

EDIT. Maybe I wasn’t specific previously, that what I mean, is about times when grenade hit weapon. Also quite many times they hit only legs or legs with torso. But when they hit also weapon, then damage to weapon exceeds maximum damage of that explosive.

EDIT 3: lol wrong edit, there rifle survived. Where was it…

So that makes sense. I’ll have my Heavy at all times in the front lines, so even if he gets grenaded, the weapon will survive. The other classes are behind, and usually get destroyed by direct shots, no grenades involved.