Grenade Launcher, Manticore squad roster and others BUGS

This bug ist known that Grenade Launcher has a greater range of damage, as ist as shown by animation.
In fact, it has almost the same range of damage as Rocket Launcher.

After using Grenade Launcher, you can no longer move. The same applies to stun baton.

If Manticore is flying from the PP base to the second position, you can access the squad roster and change it.

If you finish the mission and you get Rocket Launcher (Iron Fury), it will not be shown in the warehouse in the PP base.
Edit: It’s not a BUG. But because the names are very similar and because we could find a Rocket Launcher in BB1 and BB2, so I assumed it was a BUG… I wonder why such similar names???

@Yokes please add missing bugs to your list. Because it’s always better to have everything in one place.

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Quick question, the text in the box says “all REMAINING crates”, I would like to confirm how we should interpret this one.
my current understanding is “all crates that you didn’t open during the mission. if you did open a crate but didn’t take anything from it, the content WILL NOT be displayed here, but it WILL BE transported to the base”.
am I correct? because in the past I am sure that I saw a grenade launcher in the crate, but it was not displayed in the mission summary.

I understand this, like the rest of the things that you did not take out of the creates (you did not give them to your troops). There is no difference if you look in the creates or not, if you successfully complete the mission, in the end, you get everything.
So I understand it when I watched the video of BB3 from @UnstableVoltage.

Mostly I did not look in the creates.


I doubt that, but well this needs some testing.

Iron Fury is a NJ Pistol.
I will add Grenade Launcher explosion range and the roster thing. :slight_smile:

I could not reproduce that roster bug, can you describe it more? Manticore 1 is in the base in Hoffnung, Manticore 2 is travelling? And then you can transfer soldiers from Manticore 2 to other places? Or maybe label of the aircraft is just not right?

Let’s go step by step…

Manticore 1 ist in Base Hoffnung.

Now ist travelling from Hoffnung to Krasota and I pressed PAUSE.

In Base Hoffnung I transferred 2 Snipers to base Hoffnung.

Now my two snipers are no longer in Manticore 1

Manticore 1 came to base Krasota.

Squad roster from Krasota.

Squad roster from Hoffnung and you see my 2 Snipers.

I hope it helped you…