Haven's military strength, seemingly no effect

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but it is something that just seems… off?? I suppose

In my latest campaign I am raiding, stealing tech & transport ships a lot from New Jericho, now most of the time I’ve been launching these raids where New Jericho has a very strong presence and the average military strength of the haven’s is around 26. Sometimes hitting above 30. now these missions have always been quite tough, mostly to facing off against typically 2-3 snipers plus a heavy with an iron fury launcher which takes top priority!! Always!! I usually then end up fighting against a total of 14-17+ enemies on these missions.

Then came a moment where I found an isolated New Jericho haven which had a factory full of much needed supplies! The haven had a military strength of only 6. So I figured why not give it a shot. I went in with an under-equipped team + a vehicle as it was a team more meant for exploration rather than direct combat. But Figured they could handle this… But no… this “strength 6” haven had just as many defenders as a haven with “strength 31.” and in this raid I fought the most snipers I have seen in a raid mission thus far (5 snipers… Ye-ouch!!) and they also had 3 heavies. 2 of them with iron fury launchers. Needless to say my team never stood a chance. Even my A team may have had a huge struggle with this!

So the above situation just feels… off! Is this intentional?? shouldn’t military strength on the strategic layer be more reflective on the defending force in the tactical?? or is that just me?? Now I wasn’t expecting to fight less then 9 or 10 soldiers or anything. as the enemy activity still said “high” but I was at the very least expecting less special classes! Perhaps shifting more towards assault troops with basic weapons and fairly low level. But again, most of the troops were level 3-4.

The strength is for against pandora or other facs. Doesn’t affect player raids.

But does that seem right to you?? Nothing wrong, or nothing should be changed… should stay the way it is??

Well, many things are wrong in this game and this is the least of the worries. Have you tried loading a mid mission save after the patch?

I never save mid mission. Just on the strategic layer, so no I guess I haven’t.

Fair enough! I suppose it’s something I’ll just have to expect for the time being, fairly easy to work around I guess… But I mention it now just to see if anyone would like to see an “eventual” change / discussion of the matter.

If it were to change, then I’d also expect to see the available returns from the raid scale down to be proportionate to the risk.

Personally not bothered about it either staying as it is and getting more returns regardless to what I attack, or having both the risk and the reward scale down relative to the havens strength.

I’d be fine with the potential reward scaling down, although that may be a little tricky when it comes to raiding tech or a transport. But resources scaling down is simple enough.

Scaling down would allow for more flexibility in strategy, do you want to invest an A team in a large more difficult raid or invest a B team in a couple smaller raids to get the same yield?