Got to love EGS and its continued lack of a clue

Fire up Phoenix Point, Blood & Titanium is active and live as a option when starting a new game.

On the EGS… Blood & Titanium release date: “TBD”.

So first off EGS proceeds to give a load of bogus release dates for each of the DLC before switching to ‘TBD’, now when DLC actually releases it presumably doesn’t offer the means to automatically switch its release status to show it’s live?

Got to love the whole Micky mouse operation they got going over there, just hope Snapshot aren’t too negatively impacted by the lack of clear information stemming from poor EGS behaviour.

I only noticed for the first time yesterday that the launcher doesn’t even have a “back” button lol.

They’ve at least somewhat recently added a very easy to overlook top bar navigation menu to store pages that is specific to the title in question along with a “Back to store” generic option that just takes you back to the store homepage.

So that’s progress… I think…

Still not even having the functionality to list released products as released is frighteningly lacking.
On a side note though it does serve as an interesting experiment into just how far money over function can take you in business.

Just how limited a service offering can you provide to other businesses if you pay them upfront to make more money for you than you’re paying out overall?

Epic Games is utter and complete shit.
Im using it for one reason, and one reason alone - I have to.

Its cluncky and completely usesless to navigate. To preview games etc.
And the ui is so messy.

Backing up games, and importing them is also so bad considering were talking 2020. Sigh …

Sorry for beeing negative, but I really dont like Epic Games app.

And one of the things I presonally miss the most, is the ability to stream games.
I stream games via Steam alot to my laptop, with my gaming PC in my office. Nice if I wanna just chill in the sofa with a laptop and play.

But that last on is just QoL …

Again, nothing to do with EGS.

We hadn’t asked them to update the release date. We’ve just done that now. A small oversight on our part.