Gooed Spider Mines Cause Turn Freeze

Was employing spider mines. Spider mines got gooed. At the point in the game where the spider mines would have moved, the turn froze. Reloaded. Didn’t fire spider mines: no mines to get gooed. Turn proceeds as normal.


Have you reported that bug by using F12?

I also notice with spider mines is if you drop them right on the enemy they run away from them and then explode? I dropped one next to a Sirion and it ran into a building and blew up nothing? It should have just went off? Not sure why but even when they get close to the enemy they back off before going off? Why is that? Seems like it is trying to reduce the damage it does for some reason, so why have them then?

Yes at times they certainly don’t do what one expects. However, they are good for advanced scouting.

It seems to me that their AI is somewhat “weak” (not to say broken) as they are not able to take cover, walls or other obstacles that protect the target in to account.
On the other side, that they walk away from targets wouldn’t be a bad thing if they are able to get other targets into their exploding radius. Sometimes that works, sometimes not and sometimes they badly do what I describe above and they walk away behind obstacles and deal no damage at all.

That’s why I mostly don’t use them as long as I have no technician in my team. He can control not only turrets but also spider drones, then they are pretty effective.

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Didn’t know that! Good to know, thanks!

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I have turned my mans second class to tech and now he can shoot them of then drive them it is great! Thanks for the tip!