Lets talk about MINES shall we

Hummmm… Were to start! Ok I do love the idea and they (at present) do have some merit. BUT… there is also a lot wrong with them.

1: WHY… when they activate do the find the most protected place away from the enemy to explode? For example they will be in the middle of a cluster of enemies and if it went off it would do a good job, however, it will actually find a door go inside find a nice unoccupied space or corner and go off doing ZERO damage? I had one in the open thinking this must do some good here and it went off found a stack of crates jumped on the highest one and went of with again ZERO damage? In the base it will go into a corner away from the enemy and blow up! In short they seem to find the best place to do the least or zero damage. AND one time it even went and jumped on the roof of a building and went off, again doing nothing.

2: WHY when covered with goo do they just not detonate and clear the goo? Why would they just sit under it and allow the others to shoot it up with their weapons? On that there there should be a tamper switch if it is struck by fire/claws it should explode like a real mine should, not just roll over and twitch, needs to have some value.

3: WHY does the mist stop them from working? Again a good rule would be if totally “misted” out just go off and clear the air so to speak, like a grenade.

I do however like these things and can see great potential if they are tweeked… At the moment they really are only good for attracting fire and scouting but they (I am guessing here) were designed to be much more right? So can we at some point look at fixing these issues with the mines please…:slight_smile: THANKS!

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I agree with the points you’re making here and the real world sense of it. I would say that I think the drones are grand as they are. Maybe a tiny bit too much damage per drone. But they are good for distracting Chirons, can scout hidden corners etc. I think if we make them too clever and useful all you will have to do is send a bunch of infiltrators to every nest and lair mission fire in say 10-15 drones then just wander in behind blasting what remains to dust. Fun, but the OP dudes will have a field day screaming about that.