Goo Chiron doesn`t unlock Research of Goo Shoes

I needed a goo Chiron for inventing those goo boots.
After having captured the Chiron in the mission, it simply doesn`t unlock the locked research.

In my Prison was instead a wrong Chiron.
But that might have been from a mission long ago.

On a second mission it worked.
Had ONE Worm Chiron in the prison. Released him before the mission.

I’ve had this bug numerous times. F12’d it at least twice. A real pain :frowning:

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So happy, I`m not the only one to encounter this. :slight_smile:

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Yup! Sign me up for the support group lol.

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I F12’d that one a while back as well. Even after killing all the captured Pandorans I still got worm chirons in holding anytime I captured a goo chiron. I finally just gave up on getting that research.

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Yeah it’s always a worm Chiron for me too, never a bomber.

It actually happens with Arthrons too, I’ve noticed, though obviously this is less egregious as there’s no research dependant on a specific Arthur mutation. But I’ve captured plenty of claw and/or grenade boiz, only to have them replaced by shielded gunners in my containment. Like the Chirons, when it glitches out it always reverts to the same (incorrect) type.

You have to let the Goo Chiron shoot once to get the research on goo.
Then you’ll have to capture a goo chiron.
I’ve tried twice to let it shoot and capture it but then the research doesn’t unlock. You have to capture it AFTER doing the research on goo (:sob::sob::sob:).
So at best you can have the module for the third time you encounter it. Bug ?

Goo was already researched.

I had the research topic: Capture a goo capable creature.

But it was locked, since game wanted me to capture the Goo-Chiron.
Also: Chiron had shot 5 times in that mission.

So it`s clearly a bug.

When capturing the goo chiron during the first encounter, I was never able to see the “Capture a goo capable creature” unlock. Even if I killed the Chiron I had in containment and captured a new one (or maybe I never got the chance to face a new one).
However, it would unlock if I didn’t have a goo chiron when finishing the “goo” research and capture one after.

There are two triggers for researches: reveals and unlocks. But it doesn’t seem to be a problem when capturing a Crabman before doing the autopsy is finished.

The problem is, that the we captured a Goo-Chiron and got a Worm-Chiron instead in the prison.

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This is an additional problem that also needs fixing IMO, but Louis is correct in that your prisoners can just magically transform into different variants of their species.

Just had this happen to me. Reloaded the post-mission autosave twice and it finally was the right kind of Chiron. Was Worm, variant I haven’t seen before (spread out green beetle wings, flat abdomen), then Goo.
Mission was Synedrion 50% one, Firebird Initiative (?). Goo study has been done a while ago.
So it seems to not properly save the part combinations when leaving the Battlescape?

Thinking about it, I’m pretty sure at least twice when I’ve had this bug it was after ‘Seeking The Firebird’ too. Must be something kooky going on with that mission’s code.

Good discovery. I’ll remember this trick if I run into the bug again.

The research was available for me, after beeing gooed in a mission with a goo chiron.
I think i already finished chiron research and chiron vividsection until this point.

My previous 2 playthroughs I didn’t encounter this bug. But, on my latest one I got bitten hard by this bug. I worked hard to get that goo monster paralyzed only to have it show up as a different Chrion for research.

It’s almost 2 months since the first post about this bug was posted.

Can confirm that. Happened to me too.
It’s annoying, when you work hard to get a goo Chiron alive (they tend to run away after they`re out of ammo), THEN get only a worm Chiron in the containment. WTF?

I have yet to see a complete research tree but my experience is: You need to have a mission where you get stuck in the Goo. This triggers the first goo research which allows the later ‘Capture a goo shooter’ research which gives you the ‘Goo Shoes’

But that doesn’t explain, why a goo Chiron is suddenly a worm Chiron.

Load autosave after completing the mission (then it is from after the mission), the Chiron changed his type randomly.
Edit: Repeat till you get the Goo one …

I thought this bug was addressed, badly I’m wrong :frowning: