GOO Chiron Capture

Hi, just registered to ask a question. In mission I completly paralized and cpatured GOO Chiron for the research, but when back in base it turned out as Worm Chiron! Is capturing something random or how else I can explain this? Is game cheating or I’m doing something wrong?

It appears to be random after all… I reloaded end mission 4-5 times and finally got Goo Chiron in my containment and research in question. Is this how it’s supposed to be, random stuff?

Genetic transformation, the virus. Ok ok perhaps a bug. :slight_smile:

Do you capture him in range of any alien base or on random scavenge mission?

It was in “retrieve some crazy sience artifact” mission or something like that. I remember it was a very annoying, like everything in this game, mission, where enemy had 20+ units, steamrolling you from all sides. You didnt even have a proper cover in there.