Goliath Won't Reload - Extra Materials Costs

I ran into some weird behavior during my last skirmish. I emptied my Goliath grenade launcher during the battle and had extra Goliath ammo in my fighter’s inventory, but the game wouldn’t allow me to reload the launcher during any point - an “unaffordable” message was displayed at some point while trying to reload the weapon. My material stores were very low at the time and it appeared that the game was trying to deduct from my materials inventory to load ammo that I had already created, paid for, and was carrying. This seems like a bug to me. Once I got out of the battle and back to the Personnel management screen, I still couldn’t reload the launcher. I scrapped some items to bump up my materials inventory and once I got past a certain point, I was allowed to reload the weapon and materials were deducted from my inventory…AGAIN…for ammo I had previously manufactured and paid for.

Check if the magazine you are trying to use have zero ammo inside. Every time you are back from a mission the game auto reload your weapons taking the ammos from the first mag he finds. When a mag reach zero doesn’t disappear, instead you bring this useless “phantom mag” around. You must recycle the zero ammo Mag and create a new one.

Hmm… I suppose that could have been it. I don’t remember checking if the mag was empty. I guess I just assumed that since it was available it had ammo in it. I’ll be sure to check that if the scenario comes up again. Thanks, @Palamede76