Xbox no dlc install. Goliath gl-2 bug

Each time i complete a fight the goliath gl-2 got remove from the hand of my character. so each time i need to reequip before going to another fight. pretty annoying because if i forgot my character have only one weapon.anyone got the same issue?

I have all the DLCs installed and this happens to me as well. I find the GLs and shottys are always removed and I have to re-equip them.

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is it a bug or its supposed to be like that? it seem the character keep the resources on him on loot quest. i need to return them manually to the base

Certainly a bug as the PC version does not at this way.

I did install the new patch for the xbox version and restart a new game. now i got a problem with Mercy Sg3 being remove from my character after each mission. same as before. not sure about the goloath i dont have one yet. but it seem the resources now going back to the base normally.