Cant find the Spawnery

Ok so I’ve managed to fight off the initial waves… (did have to reload a couple of times but I’m learning). But now I can’t find the spawnery and am running low on Ammo. Does this show up on the map or does Fog of War cover it? Is it possible I’m looking right at it but its just not lit up as a target?

I had same problem. Keep running around the map and you’ll find it. It looks like a hole in the ground… about 4x4 tiles (a tile = size of one of your guys) and then a giant blob, thorn thing sitting in the middle of it.

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Ah ok… I’ll keep searching. Looks like it will appear when I spot it. Will make sure I get closer to ALL the holes in the ground!


If that can help, you can somehow “cheat with the fog of war” for this specific one.

The hole is exactly as in the screen upside, but when in fog you see the bottom of the pit instead of the spawnery beast.
If their is only one hole mathing the screen on the map, it’s the good one. If their is severall that look like it, most will have stalacmit on the floor, making the beast unable to spawn. Look for the hole that have a flat floor, and you’ll be on the good road ;p

Ah I see what you mean. Ok its a bit like waving a flag by the fact that its the only hole with nothing in it. Might as well make it visible at the beginning and you just have to fight your way to it.

Thanks for your help guys!