Giant Enemy Crabs!

Okay, I’ve got to ask… is the Crab Queen boss an intentional reference to Genji 2?

And, just to be careful, have you considered that upon release you might need to include a warning label to advise people that PP contains Giant Enemy Crabs?

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Or is it a reference to… Crab People! Crab people! Tastes like crab! Talk like people! :smiley:


First off, I love that song, so I hope I don’t come off as a pedant, but the song should be slightly modified to:

“Crab People! Crab people! Tastes like bacon! Talk like people!”

(Used a Phoenix Point lore check for this post)

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Queen theft!

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Don’t make summon the manager!! Oh, that’s precious! :blush:

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I think we should license the sample before Queen appears :slight_smile: