Getting no DLC missions

Twice i started new games after Necronomicon but i just don’t seem to get any new missions relating to the LOTA DLC.
Both DLC are installed, the DLC is activated (box is checked) but then…

What am i doing wrong?

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You’ve got to complete the Project Glory research first.

Don’t get that research and in both playthoughs i’m just before gungnir-sniperrifle.

Where do i get it from?

Is there any way to check upon starting a new game if the DLC is active ingame, such as new resources shown in the top bar or new buildings u can build in your base?

I mean, i don’t want to have to play 10h just to realize that the DLC is still not active.

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You cannot find out if DLC 2 is active from resources or buildings.

You need to finish Rise by sin, by virtue fall ( quest from PP storyline and then Project Glory research will be available

If Project Glory research is available then DLC 2 is active.

Thank you very much for clarifying, very happy to hear from you staff. (love this game)

However i did risebysinbyvirtuefall in both playthroughs but did not get the project glory so i guess something is still wrong.
I verified my installation, checked that both DLCs are installed and activated. Living weapon and B&T do function normally.

Is there another prerequisite neccessary before you get Project Glory or an amount of time that must have passed?

PS: the checkbox for activating the DLC does function normal? i remember a time where the DLC was only active if you unclicked the checkbox

There is no other thing you need to do apart from finishing Rise by sin, by virtue fall to unlock Project Glory research. I tried it just now. You actually need to finish just one tactical mission (The Symes Retreat) in order to test it. I would recommend you to enable console and cheat through The Symes Retreat mission in order to check if you will get Project Glory. If you do not get it then reinstall the whole game and try it again.

I will send you instructions on how to enable console and cheat command in PM.

Thank you again.
Don’t know what did the trick but it works now :happyface:

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He has the DLC. But that issue aside, we should not have to follow a linear/train-on-tracks progression, if we know where missions can be found, earlier in the game.
That said. Yes, PP has gone full on, do this to go to next step, in everything the game offers. Might as well just put a timer on screen to show next progression event.