Feedback: Game Plot

I just wanted to leave a little constructive criticism here. I’ve been playing games like these since the original X-COM was released when I was 11 years old. The tactical combat has always been, and clearly will always be, a strong and selling point of the games. However, in the convening years all tactical games of this sort have realized that combat is not enough. There has been more and more plot adding to the awesome combat strategies.
Unfortunately, I think PP has missed the mark here. I’ll be honest, I have not yet finished a playthrough–and this is part of the reason. Frankly, I haven’t been engaged as much as I was hoping. I’ve been playing since early beta and I was so excited for release when the story substance was to be released. Unfortunately, I feel like there was barely anything new in that regard except for the opening sequence.
I would recommend significantly more story to be front-ended along with multiple plot lines scattered throughout with new/randomized between games/etc plot lines for changing replayability.
I love the combat, I love the strategy, I love the tactics… but I think the game is going to have a difficult time recruiting and retaining players without a strong shift into the story realm. Games today must have strong, memorable stories to compete. Even games with terrible combat systems and good stories (the Witcher anyone?) do well, but the same isn’t often said in reverse.
Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.
Thank you for all your hard work in this game, the effort has truly shone through.

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