Garrisoning Havens

Will there be an ability to leave PP troops in friendly Havens in the final build?
I’ve reached a point in my BB3 game where we’re surrounded by multiple red-zones, and I have only found one Transport so far. So what I would naturally do is leave a small squad of PP vets in the most likely friendly Haven to get attacked next whilst questing further afield in the Armadillo to hunt for a PP base with a second Transport.

However, as things currently stand, I only seem to be able to garrison PP bases, which is not strategically useful under these circumstances.

Some facility to be able to boulster friendly Haven defences, maybe limited by the amount of green bars it has in my favour (eg. 1 Squaddie per green bar), would be appreciated.

You generally won’t have enough troops to leave them around on guard duty - however, in the final game Havens will have their own defenders.

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Understood. But I can still see a scenario where, for instance, your vital Refuel lifeline is sitting on a Red Zone Haven and you need to quest further afield in search of that elusive PP Base/scavenge site/teddy bear’s graveyard (or whatever :wink:), but if you take your Squad with you on the probe, you can’t guarantee to get back in time to defend the lifeline.

Under a circumstance like that, the ability to leave men behind in a friendly key Haven, to help defend it against attack, would be useful.