Game stuck on blackscreen on startup

Title pretty much says it.

On launch (on any variation of the startup settlings) the window opens to a black screen with the pointer and stays there. No music. Also the window does not appear to crash but just sirs there.

the very first loading screen is a very long wait. some people have reported 10 minute waits. There is apparently some unpacking going on in the background


I haven’t measured how much data the initial load accessed but my SSD shows a solid 550 MBs and it loaded for quite a while. A hard drive could probably take quite a while. Probably just not optimized yet.

Ok, might as well not be lazy :slight_smile:

It appears to read 12.8 GB of data from the time of clicking the launcher to seeing the main screen. I’m showing about 140,000 read requests.

With a main stream hard drive the best case scenario is usually 140 MBs, which comes out to 1.5 minutes. A fragmented hard drive (not SSD) can drop as low as 1 to 5 MBs.

Method: SysInternal’s procmon limited to phoenix point.

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Maybe game is checking files integrity at launch?